Writing Changes

As I read the first line “I had the opportunity to sit in probably the most empowering National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) session this year in Baltimore.” I was amazed. This Texas literacy newsletter writer was talking about the presentation I helped deliver in Baltimore just 4 months ago.

I read on. Toward the end, she added, “These teachers love learning. I mean it – they really love learning.” Wow! She’s so right. And she got that idea just by sitting in our session about being a teacher researcher.

John, Michelle and I wrote a proposal to make a presentations and it got accepted. Heinemann Fellow director, Ellin Keene agreed to join us as our Responder. Because of that writing, a woman from Texas joined in our presentation and writes, “I will be a far better teacher because I chose this session and more so because these teachers shared their work willingly.”

I immediately wrote a text to John and Michelle, “Read your email!!” and sent an email to Ellin to share the newsletter link.

This one email took me back four months to four days in Baltimore. Her writing lifted my spirits yesterday. Her writing had me dreaming about NCTE 2020 in Denver. And I went back and took a look again at the photos from that session. I wonder which person is Kelly, past president of the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts??

The Newsletter article is on page 2

10 thoughts on “Writing Changes

  1. cvarsalona says:

    How exciting, Sally. I am fondly thinking back on my NCTE experience now that you mentioned it. It seems like it was years ago, not months. Let’s hope we will all be back to normal by then.


  2. Amy Rudd says:

    So glad you shared how it lifted your spirits. We all need these moments…especially now. Kind words mean so much. I still smile when i think about meeting Carol-at the NCTE in Boston. I do hope to go back some day. Powerful impact from your session-sounds amazing.


  3. Suzanne Richardson says:

    That is so wonderful! Out of the blue, you get affirmation and a wonderful start to your day. Kudos to you, my friend.


  4. margaretsmn says:

    Four months feels like a lifetime now. How wonderful for this person to reach out and give you such a lovely response. It’s what we all need.


  5. MegMcCormick says:

    What well-deserved validation!! You deserve all the applause possible- you have inspired so many teachers. Thank you!!


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