I used to be a night owl. I used to make dinner, eat, and clean up the kitchen. Then I’d spend a few more hours sending emails, planning lessons and grading student work. Finally, I’d end my day with a treat to some laughs by watching John Stewart’s The Daily Show. (Who’s John Stewart? He was the host of The Daily Show years ago before Trevor Noah.) Then I’d head to bed at 11:30pm.

Now in my fifties, I find I have a different routine. I still set my alarm for 5:30am. But now I find I am so productive in the morning. While eating breakfast, I make my plan. Then I attack email and lesson planning. Now, as a middle school teacher, I am done teaching kids at 1pm and can spend the next few hours planning for the next day of teaching. Now I eat dinner a little earlier. Now I treat myself to Jeopardy and head to bed with a book as early as 8:30pm.

Today, seeing 5:30am flash red on my alarm clock, I climb out of bed. I remind myself it is Wednesday, Hump Day. I push myself to be productive this morning. I decide on 2 links to share with my students through a Morning Message shared as an email. (Thanks Cindy for the inspiring video shared in your Slice yesterday! and thanks mom for letting me know about author Grace Lin’s podcast). I make my To Do list. I log onto my blog and write my March 25th Slice.

4 thoughts on “5:30am

  1. Erika Victor (Ms Victor Reads) says:

    It’s funny how life shifts, eh. I was never a night owl, yet some weekend nights I try to pretend that I am, yet my body wakes me early each morning regardless…


  2. mschiubookawrites says:

    I like how you compare and contrast your routines with the structures “I used to…” and “Now I…” I wonder how or if our routines will change after this moment in time. Glad to read your post with my morning coffee.


  3. cmargocs says:

    Isn’t it interesting how our circadian rhythm changes as we get older? Whatever we used to be seems to flipflop. Of course, work hours make a difference; I wouldn’t get up at 430a if I didn’t work in an elementary school! Trying to get back on those hours while we work from home is a bit harder. Thanks for sharing this Slice of your routine!


  4. MegMcCormick says:

    You have me thinking about what “I used to do” versus what I “now” do! As always, thank you for the inspiration. I’m glad you found your routine again and got into a flow!


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