October…month to celebrate my birth (59 years ago)

October…month to remember my dad’s passing (34 years ago)

October…month to celebrate my daughter’s birth (34 years ago)

October…month of my brother’s wedding (30 years ago)

Ocotber…month of his son / my nephew’s wedding (4 days ago)

October…a colorful time

Orange and red and yellows appear

Greens and blues fade as the cool breeze blows

October…month of transitions

from womb to birth

from single life to married life

from life well-lived here on earth to death

October…a colorful changing time

And now my October birthday baby is expecting!!!

My Daughter’s Wedding / #ProudMother

My daughter, Bridgit, and her partner, Charlie, recently gathered family and friends in Savannah, GA and on the afternoon of May 1st, they stood under an immense oak tree covered in spanish moss and said, “We do” after the officients (their siblings) took turns reading their five personally-written vows.

The night before this joyful event, Bridgit and Charlie invited all their wedding guest to gather at a local Savannah distillery for the “Welcome Party”. It was important for them to orchestrate many opportunities for their family and friends to spend time together because over the past several months, due to Covid, together time mostly involved screens. (In fact, many guests were meeting in Savannah in-person for the first). During the party, Brian and I gladly offered toasts. Brian went first, sharing a few small moments from Bridigt’s early years (yes, a few tears were shed by all) and then I went. Click to read if interested.

Brian’s Toast
Sally’s Toast

The following day, guests arrived via the Savannah Trolley and Bridgit and Charlie arrived by horse-drawn carriage. First, guests mingled and played lawn games – bocce, croquet, giant jenga. And after an hour, all were asked to take a seat under the live oak tree for the ceremony. First, three adorable flower-girls, dressed as princesses, walked across the field and down the aisle as the song “Happy Feet” played. The seated friends and family clapped and sang along as the little nymph-looking girls reached into their baskets and dropped a rose-petal trail for Bridigt and Charlie to walk upon.

Then the music changed to something that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it immediately. “It’s the West Wing theme song!” a voice in the crowd whispered and I thought, “how perfect”. Both Bridgit and Charlie didn’t just watch this series but were inspired by the Sorkin-idealist-democracy portrayed on TV and spent many years working for progressive candidates. It was finally their work with the DNC to elect Biden that allowed them to cross paths, meet and fall in love. Of course, they were walking down the aisle together to this TV-theme song. This gathering was so them. They stood under a ginormous oak tree glittering with Spanish moss and joined hands. Charlie’s brothers, Joe and Hank, placed colorful braided cords over their hands as Bridgit’s sister, Anne explained this chosen ritual of handfasting.

Bridgit and Charlie explain it best in their online wedding program:
In a nod to May Day, Beltane and our shared Irish heritage, we chose handfasting as our unity ritual—literally tying the knot! Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. We like that it is a lasting, physical representation of our commitment to each other, as well as a very egalitarian ritual. We made our handfasting cords ourselves, based on color meaning: BLUE fidelity, longevity, strength, safe journey GREEN fertility and growth, love, luck, prosperity, nurturing PINK love, happiness, unity, romance, honor, truth GOLD wisdom, prosperity, longevity BLACK pure love, wisdom, success, strength.

Once their vows were share and the knot was tied, they kissed!! All cheered and waved their miniature May Pole in celebration. Then family and friends proceeded inside and we ate, drank and danced the night away, under the twinkling lights that covered the ceiling.

I can’t think of anything that would have made this wedding weekend better. I am so grateful that Bridgit and Charlie found each other and planned such a lovely weekend in Savannah to celebrate their union with family and friends. #ProudMother

Photography by Carraway Weddings – highly recommend!!

A Sunday Brainstorm List

I will write and post today. However, I see this post more of a brainstorm of ideas for future slices. Why not just pick one from the list and write it? I’ll admit, I am struggling to focus today due to what I call brain-overload. Due to many additions this week to my normal schedule, I’m feeling extra tired today. However, I know once I feel more refreshed, I’ll write more about these topics:

  • About the authors I met at the VSLA Conference I attended on Thursday and Friday. In addition to Jerry Craft, I met author, Leah Henderson. I plan to invite her to my school as she lives in DC. As soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to finish her middle-grade novel, The Magic in Changing Your Stars.
  • About ALL the ideas I heard while attending TCRWP Saturday Reunion. Because it was virtual and I did not get to turn and talk and debrief with friends while taking Amtrak back to DC, my brain is still processing. Boy, did I hear great stuff!
  • About my lovely Saturday afternoon with my daughter and my new son-in-law. I got to drive them into Georgetown for the final fitting of her wedding gown and to retrieve his newly purchased suit for their May 1st Wedding!
  • About my feelings of seeing the blue and yellow flag waving boldly above all the sunflowers covering the steps of the Ukrainian Embassy, as my car drove on M Street in Georgetown.

Due to my muddled brain, all I can do today is create this list and post a few related photos. I know it is cheating a little, as it is not one small moment. But maybe it isn’t cheating really because, in this moment, I am brainstorming, a step in the writing process.

Now off to read and rest. I expect to return tomorrow feeling ready to write an actual story!