A Yellow Morning

I awoke early on a day I could have slept in. As I walked to the bathroom, the floor was bright despite the predawn hour. I looked out through the window and saw the full moon shining. A pale yellow. I’ll call it cream.

After brushing my teeth and dressing, I poured myself a glass of ice tea and added two lemon slices. I sat and enjoyed sipping my tea as I read the news headlines. This yellow in my drink matches its name. Lemon.

Then, I grabbed my earbuds and iPhone, picked a podcast and headed out for an early morning walk to include a stop at the neighborhood bakery. I found myself continuing to play “I Spy” focusing only on the category of yellow. With my phone camera, I snapped these photos to show many more shades of yellow:

Can you “spy” these colors in the slideshow?
lemonade, honey, blonde, egg shell, parmesan, butter,
shortbread, daffodil, canary, pineapple, marigold, peach

What’s your favorite shade of yellow?

NOTE: I referred to THIS blog post to pick the right color words for my slice.

March 11, 2021

Today I took a long, long walk after school. I wore my Teva sandals for the first time this season and just a t-shirt and khaki pants. No coat necessary. As I walked. the warm breeze created a calmness and gave me hope. Spring is coming. On my drive home, NPR was filled with 1-year ago stories anf the idea that our country is finally getting a handle on this pandemic is in the air. As I walk, nature herself seems to be cheering us on with her lovely springtime weather in Arlington, Virginia.

springtime colors

Having the ability to remember is a gift.
Today, I awoke to a chilly, rainy day.
As I take a walk, the main color all around me is gray.

This was not the case yesterday.
Yesterday was a rainbow of springtime colors.
Yellow daffodils
Pink magnolias
Yellow forsithia
Purple, magenta, and yellow paisies.

Today, I took a walk.
A light drizzle fell from the gray sky
And I saw a raindow of springtime in my mind!

Signs of Spring

As I headed to the bakery for scones to go with my Sunday morning, I noticed signs of spring.

A blue jay flying in and out of my shrubs.

Green buds all over my liliac bush.

Pink covering the branches of a cherry tree.

Then as I parked the car outside of my favorite bakery, a man stood tall playing his bagpipe and dressed for the day making it sound like spring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Happy Spring, 2019!