springtime colors

Having the ability to remember is a gift.
Today, I awoke to a chilly, rainy day.
As I take a walk, the main color all around me is gray.

This was not the case yesterday.
Yesterday was a rainbow of springtime colors.
Yellow daffodils
Pink magnolias
Yellow forsithia
Purple, magenta, and yellow paisies.

Today, I took a walk.
A light drizzle fell from the gray sky
And I saw a raindow of springtime in my mind!

Signs of Spring

As I headed to the bakery for scones to go with my Sunday morning, I noticed signs of spring.

A blue jay flying in and out of my shrubs.

Green buds all over my liliac bush.

Pink covering the branches of a cherry tree.

Then as I parked the car outside of my favorite bakery, a man stood tall playing his bagpipe and dressed for the day making it sound like spring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Happy Spring, 2019!