The Many Stages of Springtime

As I strolled through my neighborhood, I stop to notice three buds, all holding onto the same branch – triplets. One is tiny in size and still wrapped in a tight-knit sweater of drab-winter beige. The middle has started to unfold and lengthen. Her olive robe, weaved with just a hint of rose, wraps loosely, as if she is swaying to a springtime lullaby. Then there is the third. She’s being a show-off, already plump and revealing her magenta on this quiet morning. It is springtime and my neighbor’s magnolia tree buds are revealing their various personalities.

Once back home, I sit in my backyard, taking in the view of my magnolia tree, a Star Magnolia. Her name fits her perfectly. All at once, her white blooms popped and today she is the star of the magnolia show.

As March begins, I’ll remember these buds as I write. Today I am feeling like that small, tightly wrapped bud. But I do hope, after 31 days, my writing muscle grows and bursts, like my Star Magnolia. How are you feeling?

PS – Almost deleted this…Instead I dedicate it to all new slicers and those veteran’s on the fence, wondering if they should do it again this yeat. This slice reminds me it is a story only I can tell. My walk in my neighborhood this time of year. And yes, to some it’s just 2 photos and my lame attempt at personfiying the buds. But is is a small moment I had Sunday AM as I walked to the bakery. It is a moment where I stopped, observed nature and snapped 2 photos and then added a little of my thinking. And I’m OK with this as a slice. Let;s not overthink this. Let’s keep writing!

A Yellow Morning

I awoke early on a day I could have slept in. As I walked to the bathroom, the floor was bright despite the predawn hour. I looked out through the window and saw the full moon shining. A pale yellow. I’ll call it cream.

After brushing my teeth and dressing, I poured myself a glass of ice tea and added two lemon slices. I sat and enjoyed sipping my tea as I read the news headlines. This yellow in my drink matches its name. Lemon.

Then, I grabbed my earbuds and iPhone, picked a podcast and headed out for an early morning walk to include a stop at the neighborhood bakery. I found myself continuing to play “I Spy” focusing only on the category of yellow. With my phone camera, I snapped these photos to show many more shades of yellow:

Can you “spy” these colors in the slideshow?
lemonade, honey, blonde, egg shell, parmesan, butter,
shortbread, daffodil, canary, pineapple, marigold, peach

What’s your favorite shade of yellow?

NOTE: I referred to THIS blog post to pick the right color words for my slice.

March 11, 2021

Today I took a long, long walk after school. I wore my Teva sandals for the first time this season and just a t-shirt and khaki pants. No coat necessary. As I walked. the warm breeze created a calmness and gave me hope. Spring is coming. On my drive home, NPR was filled with 1-year ago stories anf the idea that our country is finally getting a handle on this pandemic is in the air. As I walk, nature herself seems to be cheering us on with her lovely springtime weather in Arlington, Virginia.

springtime colors

Having the ability to remember is a gift.
Today, I awoke to a chilly, rainy day.
As I take a walk, the main color all around me is gray.

This was not the case yesterday.
Yesterday was a rainbow of springtime colors.
Yellow daffodils
Pink magnolias
Yellow forsithia
Purple, magenta, and yellow paisies.

Today, I took a walk.
A light drizzle fell from the gray sky
And I saw a raindow of springtime in my mind!

Signs of Spring

As I headed to the bakery for scones to go with my Sunday morning, I noticed signs of spring.

A blue jay flying in and out of my shrubs.

Green buds all over my liliac bush.

Pink covering the branches of a cherry tree.

Then as I parked the car outside of my favorite bakery, a man stood tall playing his bagpipe and dressed for the day making it sound like spring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Happy Spring, 2019!