Lunch Doodle

He is talking a little slower. He is being so honest. “Yes, I’m a little nervous. But drawing helps me when I’m nervous.” Who does he remind me of? Of course, he’s like Mr. Rogers!

I just watched the movie, It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood with Tom Hanks. It tells the story of Mr. Rogers from the perpective of an Esquire Magazine writer. Apparently, Mr. Rogers was the magazine’s cover story in November, 1998. The movie give you a glimpse again of this gentle man who taught a children’s auidence with a TV show.

Watching author/illustrator, Mo Willem, yesterday during his Lunch Doodle online video, that same care for a children’s audience came through. Maybe it is what he learned while writing scripts for Seseme Street years ago. The respect he has for kids is so strong and can be seen in how he honestly talks to his audience during the Lunch Doodle time.

I’m looking forward to 1pm today!
I encourage you to take a look HERE.
Take 30 minutes and enjoy the 2020 Fred Roger’s – Mo Willem.

March 18, 2020 Lunch Doodle by Sally

12 thoughts on “Lunch Doodle

  1. glenda funk says:

    I love Mo Willem’s lunch doodles and don’t care that they’re for kids. This big baby needs art and am taking advantage of these lessons, too.

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  2. cmargocs says:

    I’ve been trying to avoid work-related activities during this week of spring break, and I don’t have small children to entertain, but I may just have to pop into Mo Willem’s lunch doodle session sometime. I hope he continues them through the next two weeks, when my students will still be at home.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Thanks for telling me about Jarrett! I have been sending my students an email and a suggestion every day. Jarrett will be tomorrow’s suggestion!! Tell your son, thanks for teaching me!! Stay well.


  3. shellymkeller says:

    I emailed my parents about Mo Willems’ Lunch Doodles for an option for my students. I have not checked it out, but it seems I need to! Love the comparison “the 2020 Fred Rogers!”


  4. Stacey Shubitz says:

    Isabelle has been taking an iPad and a sketchbook into her bedroom each day to doodle with Mo. (I sat with her one of the days. He’s such a calming force! I loved it.) She’s created such wonderful things in a short time. I hope he keeps doing them.


  5. Natalie Dunne says:

    We’ve been watching every day! And you’re right! He is totally like Mr. Rogers!

    He totally made me laugh today, as he draws his number to start the episode, shows it upside down and says, “Today is March 61st. We’ve been here a long time.” Yes we have, Mo. Yes we have. 😆😆😆


  6. MegMcCormick says:

    How fun! I think I will try this out at some point soon and improve my drawing skills! Like previous comments stated, I also enjoyed your comparison to Mr. Rogers. There are so many Mr. Rogers-esque role models out there for students today, thank goodness!


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