Good things do seem to happen during troubling times.

My daughter sent me this text. It made me smile. Maybe with humans spending time inside, it can actually help our planet and specificly, my favorite city.

I saw a quote in my book club book. I did a little research (thanks, Google) and I found the comic related to the quote. It made me smile. Maybe during our breaktime, librarie will be appreciated even more.

I discovered authors are reaching out virtually during this breaktime. I recommend you looking for Matt de la Pena on Instagram and Mo WIllems HERE. These 2 authors’ sharing make me smile. I sent my students an email message today using our school’s Canvas platform and shared these 2 links. I hope sharing this news may help some students pass the time better. Maybe we can all learn how to draw the pigeon and elephant and piggie while on break.

What is making you smile while on break?

8 thoughts on “Smiling

  1. Suzanne Richardson says:

    Love the text from your daughter, and it is so true that happiness is a library card. So grateful for ebooks, since despite the libraries being closed, accessing ebooks still works!


  2. katlynhbennett says:

    Looooove that information about Venice! I’ve been looking for silver linings to this outbreak, and when I see them, they make me smile! Also, nice weather, my dog, and videochats with friends!


  3. wordjourneysite says:

    I’ve been wondering what effect our social distancing will have on the environment after seeing a graphic of pollution over Northern Italy before and after the quarantine was imposed. I hope we learn something from this.
    Today my daughter-in-law sent out a picture of my granddaughter drawing with Mo Willems – so cute and what a great thing for him to do!


  4. margaretsmn says:

    I sent the Mo Willems link out and a few students posted their drawings on our kidblog site. I’ve been making videos from my poetry book, Bayou Song. You can see them on my Facebook page or YouTube. I’m hopeful there are some lessons in all this for better living.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      I had fun drawing today!! I also just watched the Tom Hanks Mt Roger’s movie. I think Mo is the 2020 Mr Rogers! I love how honest he is with the audience!! I keep meaning to tell you THANK YOU!! I am so glad you supported me with advise years ago to give Kidblog a try. It is perfect as we are all home. Students are blogging up a storm!! So glad I met you in this writing community and in person in Baltimore. Stay well.

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      • margaretsmn says:

        I need to write a post about my students using kid blogs. Not as many as I had hoped though but at least I feel connected to them.


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