Quick Write Experience

Yesterday, I posted and immediately followed my self-inposed commenting ritual. I read and left a comment for the two who posted right before me and then refreshed and commented on the person who posted right after me. Because it was Day 4 off from school due to “The Break”, I continued to scroll, looking for familiar people to click on, read and comment. I saw Kathleen.

Her slice explained a ritual followed by the Long Island Writers Project, which she co-directs. It invited me to watch her video on FlipGrid and then do a quick write. Why not? I have time, I thought. So I grabbed my notebook, opened to a blank page and jotted March 19, 2020 – Long Island Writing Project – 3-5 minutes at the top of the page. Then I pressed the arrow and started Kathleen’s video.

After listening to Kathleen read a poem, I then spent 5 minutes writing this:

While this goes on
May I take time to watch the birds visit my bird feeder
Closely with my binoculars
Taking time to discover their names on my computer.

While this goes on
May I take time to cook my meals
To include an appetizer and dessert, too.
and then load the dishwasher
and clean the many pots and pans in sudsy water
All to be used the next day for the next meal.

While this goes on
May I take time to send my students
A daily email with suggested activities
Knowing they may read it
Whereas before, never sure if they heard me
Or instead only heard the Charlie Brown teacher voice

While this goes on
May text messages regularly be exchanged
Between family and friends
Some blocks away
Some states away
Some countries away
and replies received in a flash.

While this goes on
May I keep upbeat
Because I just can’t spend
Too much time
Thinking otherwise.

NOTE: I had no idea I would listen to a poem detailing the events of today, using the repeated line – “When this is over…”
Once it ended, I flipped it a bit and the pencil wrote the above.
Writing is such an interesting exercise. It unlocked ideas (and some tears, too, for me yesterday.) I am grateful for Kathleen, who shared this powerful exercise for me and allowed me to write and record myself reading.

14 thoughts on “Quick Write Experience

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    Your poem reminds me of all the good things “extra time,” even when its forced on us, can bring about–from cooking to texting to reading to connecting. Great slice! I like the pattern too. It’s about time I used poetry for expression. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mschiubookawrites says:

    You are a smart, smart lady, Sally for offering so many rituals and ideas to make us more reflective humans. I’ve also been following your routine of commenting my “bookend buddies” and later commenting on those I follow. I also like to read random posts as you get the best ideas. Your poem is steeped in positivity and is just what I needed with my morning cup of Joe. I miss you and may just have to text you!


  3. cmargocs says:

    Your post reminds us that even when our routines are disrupted, the time is still there for us to use as we wish. This year’s slicing community seems to bring with it even more writing prompts than in previous years…maybe because we are becoming more vulnerable writers due to the crisis? Thanks for this lovely post today!

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  4. MegMcCormick says:

    I find so much comfort in your post today for many reasons- 1) your endless sharing of cool ideas and resources 2) your poem reminding us to enjoy the small moments which includes specific examples that so clearly relate to my current life (more specifically the Charlie Brown teacher voice line haha) and 3) your vulnerability with sharing your tears yesterday. Writing is so cathartic and important, especially right now. Thank you for this slice!


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Thanks for your kind feedback. I almost didn’t post the video when I couldn’t read my poem without tears. But then I thought, that’s stupid. This of all places is a caring community of writers. So glad you are a part of it!


  5. Amanda Regan says:

    Beautiful poem and a great reminder that we have an opportunity to accomplish some things we might not ordinarily have time for. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. shellymkeller says:

    Love your poem! It is important to enjoy all the small moments during this time. Enjoying the good times is important. Especially enjoyed your Charlie Brown reference. It’s great to be in a writing community to make connections and gain amazing ideas! You were the inspiration for my slice today!


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