The Play Weekend

Opening Night!
Such excitement.
The first time to perform for an audience.

Saturday Evening!! All arrive belonging.
All, without prompting, get into costumes, check props, fix hair and add makeup. As if they have been doing this forwver.

Sunday Matinee!!!
One final show.
ALL determined to make it the BEST!

Then an hour after the thank yous
and an hour after bouquets of flowers are awarded,
STRIKE oocurs.
Then the stage is bare again, as if nothing at all happened this weekend.

Blurry…maybe it is symbolic of how quickly the colorful magic of theater just ends and it is back to the empty, black stage, awaiting the next year’s production.

All are home, with the music still playing in their heads
And dreams of next year’s musical!

9 thoughts on “The Play Weekend

  1. Fran McCrackin says:

    Simple yet profound! What performer hasn’t felt this emptiness, after all that work and life, the empty stage again. And yet- I love your ending of “music still playing in their heads”- so true! And dreams of next year’s show. What is real, after all, but what we hold inside us?
    Very nice slice/poem with the perfect images inserted at the perfect places.


  2. Anna Maria says:

    Oh this post made me long to be in a musical again. Everything starts off slow like a waltz then suddenly the music kicks in, choreography is taught, lines are memorized and then it’s opening night. The blurriness of the photo suits how it feels to the actors when the show is over. We blink and suddenly it’s just a stage again.


  3. wordjourneysite says:

    Just a few days ago you were busy buying props and taking care of the small details. And now it’s over. But you are right, the glow and music and memories will live on for the kids. There’s something very special about being a part of a school play.


  4. cmargocs says:

    The quick pace of this post makes the performance weekend just fly by for us readers, as it must have felt for you. Happy moments, nonetheless! And a chance to pause, reflect, and ponder what the stage will hold next.


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