Making vs Buying

“We need 7 pig noses, a dozen small LED flashlights, 5 tutos, something to make the 6 girls look like a Jamaican band, a Frankenstein mask but one that doesn’t cover up her face, and a giant fork/wand for the Fairyfork Mother.”

“I’m on it!”

Immediately, I went to Amazon and in two days the smily arrow boxes got delivered. Noses, flashlights, tutos. Check.

Then I decided to try to make the last props for the play. The accent for the girls band was easiest. I just went to the fabric store, purchased a yard of beautiful jamaican fabric and cut it into 6 long strips. Each girl used it as a head band. Check.

The only Frankenstein masks I could find at the Party Store covered the whole face. I searched on google and found an image. I bought some foam sheets – green and black. But how to wear it? Of course, taped to the back of a baseball cap, she could wear it with the mask part becoming her forehead. Check.

Now for the fairy’s wand/fork. I bought a wand at the Party Store and bought some gray foam sheets. Looking at a google image of a fork, I cut out four prongs and covered the wand stick with gray. The giant fork was ready to make magic in the play as a prop. Check.

I fully admit. I was nervous about successfully gathering the random list of props for the play. But with an Amazon prime account, a credit card and access to a fabric and craft store, plus a little creativity, I’m feeling pretty successful.

8 thoughts on “Making vs Buying

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    Is there nothing one can’t buy from Amazon? I’m a Prime member too and I must admit it sure is easy to get supplies quickly. Congratulations on your hard work.

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  2. Fran McCrackin says:

    I am enjoying this succession of pieces about supporting your theater kiddos efforts.
    I ave been listening to podcasts on creativity, and one was about how getting really out of our comfort zone can really spark it. You are creatively problem-solving like a demon lately! It all looks so fun and satisfying.


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