#3 Wind vs Windbag?

Last year when teaching a nonfiction writing unit, my students loved researching animals and then comparing them. They asked: Who Wins? using the Who Would Win series as a mentor text and then they wrote, using their research notes. Here’s an example of a page (on right) based on the book (on left):

Last night, the wind outside howled. It howled so loudly. It howled causing branches to fall. It howled keeping me awake on and off all night. As it howled, I cringed and pushed away the image of a large tree falling onto my house. The weather forecast stated winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 70 mph would happen all day and night. And I listened to the howling all night long.

Also last night, before heading to bed, I listening to the news. On and on, media hosts talked and talked and talked. About current government problems. About the 5-digit amount a government committee was going to pay for furniture for its new government office. About kids and guns in FL. About trade issues.  About kids dying due to bombs in Syria.

Who wins?              Wind…..vs……….windbags?
Who wins?             Nature issues…vs……..man-made issues?

Wind wins, in my opinion. There is no controling Mother Nature.
However, it was hard for me to pick a winner. It feels like my current government and my current world can’t be controlled either at the moment. But I remain hopeful. I write my congressman and Senators and I vote. I keep believing in my fellow man to be upstanders, not bystanders, two terms my 6th grade Social Issues Book Club members are using as they discuss their books and their world. Wind wins!

PS: I hope all out there are safe from the wind and storms and headaches caused by wind and windbags.

Today, Amtrak is taking me to NYC for a day of magical learning with the smartest literacy minds on the planet at TCRWP. I predict that on March 4th, my slice will be all about it!

7 thoughts on “#3 Wind vs Windbag?

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I love the comparisons and connections you make here- our nonfiction reading unit focuses on space, but I’ll bet my students would love to use the who would win format! Soak it all up today (you know I am jealous)!


  2. franmccrackin says:

    Your students are right- we all love a fun comparison debate!
    Again, you are playful yet serious in your writing.
    Glad your house did not get dented or opened by any falling trees. Have a safe trip to TC – I know you will return re-energized in all ways. Share that with us!
    BTW, I am trying to remember to tell each person I comment on which is my favorite line-
    “I cringed and pushed away the image…” very powerful, very relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alice Nine says:

    As I read your post, I thought of “Who Has Seen the Wind?” by Christina Rossetti. I look forward to reading your next slice about your day of “magical learning.”


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