March 10 – Bracket Madness

This bracket hangs outside my classroom:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.39.52 AM

Inside my students are reading pairs of books and voting based on this bracket:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.41.33 AM

Healthy competition, going against one at a time.

Anybody can win!

All root for their team/book!


Go Trombone Shorty!

Who are YOU rooting for??

This is my first year participating in the March Book Madness. My 3rd graders are doing the Picture Book Madness and we are “mad” about it!! CLICK HERE to learn more. Thanks to Erika Victor for teaching me about it!

6 thoughts on “March 10 – Bracket Madness

  1. Melanie Meehan says:

    Have to find a different team than UVA at this point–definitely not ND! And since Journey got knocked out early, I guess I’m with Ivan, although a Trombone Shorty Ivan final would be okay with me!


  2. readingtothecore says:

    We are big fans of the UConn girls, but I don’t think the boys are doing so well. I’m sorry to see Beekle was eliminated in the first round. I adore that book. Nothing but tough choices left. I love them all!


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