Women’s International Day

Somehow, International Women’s Day snuck up on me. I was reminded the day before when I heard Alexandria Public Schools, the next-over district, announced they were closing on March 8th due to the large number of women taking the day off. Our district was considering following suit but didn’t in the end.

I was reminded when I opened my laptop and clicked on chrome and saw this on my homepage:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.55.57 PM

I was reminded when I kept seeing women wearing red and noticed I was wearing a boring black and white outfit.

I smiled when I saw that a creative person added this to the sign at my school’s restroom:


Once home after school, I asked my daughter what we should have for dinner. “If we were to get take-out, the paper listed Women-Owned restaurants. One is in Arlington.” Perfect plan, I thought! This can be my small contribution to give a shout-out to women on International Women’s Day.

Now, Arlington Kabob  restaurant’s phone number is added to my phone contacts as I plan to return again. And the women-owner kindly gave me an extra order of lentil soup for stopping in to show my support. I’m looking forward to enjoying this at lunch today as I talk up this yummy restaurant with my co-workers and check twitter to see how many more likes I get to this tweet:

:Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.56.36 AM

8 thoughts on “Women’s International Day

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I love your idea. I wore red to the second day of SLCs , but I think only I noticed. I have not talked about International Women’s Day in class (until today when we were deciding the recipients of KIVA loans) , yet two students sliced about it.


  2. Anne Donnelly says:

    It’s interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever really celebrated Women’s Day in the U.S., or even known it was a thing, but it does seem like the big strike brought a renewed attention to it in our country. In France, it’s customary to give women mimosa flowers on March 8 (though I’d be okay with a mimosa drink as well!!)


  3. Frances A Mccrackin says:

    I like how you almost forgot the event (as I actually did) but made a thoughtful post of observations and actions. You made a new acquaintance and promoted someone’s livelihood- that might be the best thing you could have done.


  4. Lehua Gerboc-Naulangi says:

    I had never known that there was an International Women’s Day until this year. For sure though, I will remember it in the future and will remember this post on ways that I can help support the cause. Wish I was close so I could try the yummy lentil soup! Thank you for sharing!


  5. mgminer says:

    I wore pink – almost red:).
    I saw your tweet – it looked so fresh and yummy!! I may travel your way to try it!

    I was conflicted about the missing work – as it puts other mothers/caretakers in difficult situations, but when women, especially young, single women, who have education can’t make a living wage in the DC area–something is wrong!


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