Little Library


My school’s auction is tomorrow night. Thanks to lots of behind-the-scenes work, my room mother purchased a little library and my students decorate it. Since  I love books so much, I suggested we decoupage colored print-outs of our favorite book covers onto the back and sides. Calvin & Hobbs, Stone Fox, Giant Squid, Harry Potter and Cam Jansen to name a few! She painted it the color of our 3rd grade Atmosphere hallway – sky blue. The students helped add the clouds, sun and a rainbow to the front. We all signed our names to the inside door frame. Soon this Little Library will stand proud and tall in someone’s front yard, holding 2 shelves-worth of books for those walking by. They can stop, take a look and borrow a book to read. Due to the solar-panel on the roof, it even lights up at night!!



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