Today is one of three favorite times of the year for me – the March Saturday Reunion at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP). The other two are the October Saturday Reunion and a TCRWP Summer Institute. In the summer of 2009, I attended my first writing institute. Amongst these expert literacy leaders, I returned every October and March and summer to the upper west side of New York City to attend workshops at Teachers COllege, the Graduate School of Education of Columbia University. Oh, and a few January’s when I learned of their Coaching Institutes. Looking back and counting, I’ve attended a total of 18 summer institutes and today will be my 20th Reunion Saturday.

Today I do not head to Union Station in DC to take an Amtrak north.
Today, I won’t hussle off the train at Penn Station with my eyes looking up to follow the large red 1 signs to get me on the subway headed uptown.
Today I won’t see the blue and white mosaic at the Columbia Stop at 110th St. as I exit the subway train.
Today I won’t walk the few blocks past Barnard College (where my oldest is now an Alum) to Riverside Church.
Today I won’t walk into that immense stone space filled with my tribe, teachers from all over, giving up personal time to learn from the best literacy minds on the planet.
Today I be handed a Trail Guide listing pages and pages of workshops to attend.
Today I won’t take a seat up front with notebook and pen at the ready to write fast and furiously during the keynote speech.
Today I won’t cross the streets and enter Horace Mann or Thorndike or Grace Dodge along with thousands, driven to find a seat, often on the floor to listen and learn.

Looking back, these visits taught me how to write, how to read, how to be a book club member, how to run my classroom as a workshop.
Looking back, these visits introduced me to the TwoWritingTeachers, to twitter, to blogging, to amazing teachers in NY, in Iowa, in CA, in Cambodia, and in my hometown of Arlington, too.
Looking back, these visits introduced me to authors, so many, many amazing authors.

Today I will be connecting from my home, sitting alone in Virginia.
Today, I have my computer charged, my headphones plugged in, and my notebook and pen ready.
Today, I’ll sit in my dining room and will listen and learn from the greatest literacy minds on the planet with teachers from all around the world.
Today, I will miss having a live turn and talk partner, many who are slicers.

Thank you, TCRWP for teaching me.

FYI: I have written about my many visits to TC:
August, 2011 Writing Institute
October 2011 Sat. Reunion
January, 2012 Coaching Institute
August, 2012 Reading Institute
October, 2012 Sat. Reunion
January, 2013 Coaching Institute
March, 2013 Sat. Reunion
August, 2013 Writing Institute and HERE
October 2013 Sat. Reunion – Kate Dicamillo is Keynote!
March, 2014 Sat. Reunion
July, 2014 Reading Institute and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE
(sat next to Beth during this instiute in Mary’s section and now I work with her!)
August, 2014 Writing Institute and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE
October, 2014 Sat. Reunion
March, 2015 Sat. Reunion

NOTE….this curating is taking longer than I thought!! I will finish it but I need to get organized for today’s reunion. I’m looking forward to curating my blog like this so I can find and return to great teaching gems!

5 thoughts on “TCRWP

  1. Rita K. says:

    I could hear the yearning in this post. Like you, I attended TC several times when I was still teaching. Late yesterday, I learned about this event. I’m so glad I remembered and tuned in. Once again, I felt like I was an educator, not just a “retired” teacher. I tutor and write a blog for parents, so there was much to take away from the hours I spent listening. Can’t wait to check out your other posts about TC.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fran McCrackin says:

    This is a real love letter! I so appreciate your sadness expressed by all the wont’s- not hustling to the subway, seeing the mosaic, sitting in the church pew. But of course you will gain from it anyway. And look at your collection of writing about TC! I am intrigues by your idea of “curating” your blog… I want to hear more of your thinking as you do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. amyjuengst says:

    I can’t wait to hear about all you learned at your TCRWP session. You are a lifelong learner who remains curious, optimistic and committed to your profession. I admire you and your expertise. Thanks for sharing!!


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