OLW – Structure

It’s my 7th year to choose a One Little Word.
2015 – Responsiveness
2016 – Transparency
2017 – Routine
2018 – Active
2019 – Confident
2020 – Here / Hear
2021 – Structure

Married to an architect, buidling structures come to mind when I think of this word.
That part of a building that is essential. That part that holds it all up.

As a reading teacher, text structures come to mind.
The organizations. Which one did the author use?
Chronological order, classification, definition, process, description, comparison, problem/solution, cause/effect.

When helping students, I provide tools as a support, as a structure.
Graphic organizers, sentence stems, timers, agendas, rubrics, checklists.

Personally, I have tools I turn to for support, as a structure.
The goodread app structures my reading life.
The health app counts my steps and strucutres my exercise.
Padlet holds onto useful links in a structured way.

When a structure is in place, I believe a stronger outcome occurs.
Because I want 2021 to be a good year, I am choosing STRUCTURE as my OLW.
I plan to be on the look out for structures to offer me support.
I plan to have a strong, structured 2021.

How about you? What is your OLW??!!

6 thoughts on “OLW – Structure

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    I love the idea of using “structure” as your word for the year. There’s something about it that just offers comfort. Especially in a time where we hand over control over so much, structure helps ground us, root us, give us a sense of control over our domain – no matter how small.

    I also think it’s amazing that you’ve been doing OLW for this many years now. How amazing it must be to look back over at your selections over the years and see them as the benchmarks of who you are, where you are. Thank you for taking us along with you!

    Just wondering…do you ever feel tempted to circle back to any particular words?


  2. theapplesinmyorchard says:

    Structure is a great word! Thank you for exploring with us openly how you arrived at it. My word is Grateful. I am not a huge fan of the OLW movement and my past words have not been that useful to me over time. I am hoping this year will be different! I am a fan of structure in my life, so I can see how you would be attracted to the word! Good luck!

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  3. Ms Victor Reads says:

    Structure is sooo important to me too- I can definitely see how it could be a powerful word. One of resource structures has been SQWORLs and I have just discovered it has disappeared, choosing and checking on structures is key. Happy New Year!


  4. Fran McCrackin says:

    Your piece is so calm, detailed, and optimistic that it makes me think the new year can be better! Seriously, very nice piece about a good OLW. I do love how you share the different aides to structure you have found for different aspects of your life. And seriously, I do find it inspiring.
    Still thinking about my new OLW…

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