Worktime Photos

I’m pressed for time today but remembering “a picture is worth a 1000 words”, I’m going to quickly share a few photos I snapped this week.  On March 5th and March 8th, I sliced about my students’ worktime during my Reading 6 Reading Workshop. Today, take a peek at some of the photos showing my students working.


This student’s poster will raise awareness about the work of the American Cancer Society. Another poster will raise awaeness about Climate Change.


This poster will hang behind a table giving away leaf-shapped cookies with a donation jar.           All $ collected will be donated to an environmental organization.


These 3 hundle to map out their big plans to sell things, including slime, to raise money to support animal rights.


We overflowed into the hallway to work.


These 2 are working on a poster to raise awarement about how Sting Rays are being harmed.


One student is helping another make his slideshow which provides info about how to deal with the rising rents in our town.


This student works on adding information to his slideshow about animal abuses.

I’m proud of all the efforts by my students during Reading Workshop this week.
Be sure to check back on March 13th, when I’ll share photos
from our March 12th Social Issue Fair.

8 thoughts on “Worktime Photos

  1. amyjuengst says:

    Nothing better than seeing kids collaborating together on choice projects. I appreciate your dedication to create authentic learning experiences for your students. They are so lucky! I look forward to reading about your social issues fair.


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