Saturday in Hyde Park

“Let’s have brunch at Obama’s favorite cafeteria?” Bridgit suggested. After parking the car on a nearby side street in Hyde Park, we strolled along the main street, lined with shops, a mixture of longtime establishments, like the one we were headed to, and newly opened chains. “Since I left in June, a Target and a Whole Foods and a Roti have opened,” Bridgit laments. “So many more options now.” Yet, we walk into one option that has been around for a long while and I see this menu. I order President Obama’s #4 Favorite!

After a filling brunch, we stroll down the street and I see this landmark:


We wandered around some more and Bridgit points out, “That house beyond the trees is the Obama’s house. Those evergreen trees got added for privacy by security.” I snapped this photo, showing the chimney peeking out. IMG_8868

We strolled some more around the campus of the University of Chicago, a place where many smart people have strolled and thought. Where many people’s thoughts led them to grow ideas and hope for change. As I strolled, I was even starting to think, “Yes, we can!”

6 thoughts on “Saturday in Hyde Park

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    Ah, I really want to get to Chicago one day. My son is there later this week looking at Northwestern for law school and I am a bit jealous! The Obama tour has me nostalgic. Times they are changing- and not for the best at the moment.


  2. franmccrackin says:

    I enjoyed a little tour of Obama’s Chicago! Love the old fashioned diner sign, and it sure makes me want to go in and order. Love the plaque. Envy you travelling with your daughter 🙂 I agree with your thought of walking where lots of intelligent people have walked, thinking about ways to solve problems. Good to remember, at universities, places of worship, diners… everywhere!


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