Time to reread Echo

Last year at this time I was reading aloud Pam Munos Ryan’s book Echo to my 3rd graders. We cheered as we watched the live stream of the ALA awards when it won a Newbery honor. I wrote about it HERE where I summarized it being about “terrible times in history – 1933 Germany and the rise of the Nazi Parry, 1935 USA and the struggle of orphans in America during the Depression and 1942 California and the story of the Japanese Internment Camp.”

I also included this in that summary: Music played on a shared harmonica as this thought is recalled:   “Even in the darkest night, a star will shine. A bell will chime. A path will be revealed.”

Today, just eleven days into a new Presidency in the US, I do see many stars shining. I do hear many protest voices chiming. I hear the voice of my last President saying “Keep hope alive”. The path was revealed for Fredrick, Mike and Ivy. I want it to be revealed for the US today. I think I may reread Echo. Last year, it just seemed like a story of long ago.




4 thoughts on “Time to reread Echo

  1. franmcveigh says:

    We’ve had so many foggy, dreary, rainy days that it was a pleasure yesterday to see sunshine and 50+ temperatures. And then last night, the sky was filled with stars.

    I, too. loved Echo. (Also loved Pam playing the harmonica for us in the TC Auditorium as tears streamed down our faces.) Thanks for this reminder of hope! I think I will also reread it! And thank you for that idea!


  2. Ms Victor Reads says:

    We are all reaching for our comfort items and in many cases books and familiar stories are what is sustaining us at the moment. As we began our character unit this week I talked to my students about how book characters can be such good friends for us.


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