Women’s March 1.21.17

My original plan was just to house my sister-in-law and cousin, both coming to D.C. from out of town for the March. Then it seemed that I should tag along to be their tour guide. Yet, I had no idea I was joining such a huge global event on Saturday.

My take-aways:
1. I admit that I don’t pay much attention to not having rights that men in the USA have related to employment. The voices at the rally reminded me that women in this country are paid less than men and are not given equal access to jobs and not given adequate time off when they have a baby. Their voices made me realize I should push for equal pay for women.

2. I admit that I take for granted that I have always had health care due the middle class privilege I was born into. I admit that I don’t give much thought to those who don’t. Yet Planned Parenthood does and is a safe place for women to go to receive health care. Maybe I should join and support Planned Parenthood.

3. I admit that I don’t read enough about issues related to clean water and air and I take for granted that I can get a glass of water whenever I want. Maybe I should read more about this problem and support organizations that work to ensure clean water and air.

4. I feel I will remember this day – January 21, 2017 – and the rally speeches and the fact that it was just one of many enormous crowds gathered in cities around the globe which I realized once back home while watching the evening news. How powerful that so many marched all over the globe for women’s issues.

5. Finally, I pledge to add to my routine (my 2017 OLW) to contact my elected officials. I just wrote both VA Senators and told them to vote NO for DeVos for Education Secretary. I plan to continue to write them and my Congressman on issues each week. As the rally speakers stated, they work for me and need to hear my opinions! I also will keep reading about issues and plan to add my voice to the causes that affect all women, not just me.

I do believe, we are stronger together! The March literally showed me what this looks like!


To learn more about the Women’s March, click here.

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