March 12 – I’m getting a new house!

15 years ago, we moved here, 5218 N 12th Street, to live in a 2 bedroom, one bathroom house with no central air. We were a family of four; mom, dad, a 4th grader and a 1st grader. When you do the math, you realize that now, we are a mom, a dad, and two twenty-something girls and yes, still one bathroom. I guess you just make it work. We had a routine. I used the bathroom first daily, in and out by 6:00am, then Brian, then the girls. We picked this house because of the great lot. It had plenty of room for an addition and being married to an architect, plans were drawn to build another bedroom and bathroom, while adding central air conditioning. Then somehow, 15 years went by. Bridgit graduated college and Anne graduates college in May.

Brian and I are renting the house across the street while his design for a 21st century energy-efficient house with geo-thermal heating and cooling and a rooftop terrace is being constructed on our lot. He calls it the white(out) house! As of today, the “before house” has been totally removed and the backhoe has dug out the new foundation. I wonder what the site will look like on March 31st? I wonder when I can start to enjoy the master bathroom? I wonder if I’ll still, out of habit, be in and out by 6:00am each morning. I hope the girls will still enjoy coming home to visit us in this new house at 5218 N 12th Street. I’m excited but a bit terrified as this is a huge project. But I know Brian’s a great architect and I know the white(out) house will be worth the wait!
You can see more pictures at

4 thoughts on “March 12 – I’m getting a new house!

  1. Robin says:

    Wow! What fun to be able to watch the whole thing from across the street! We have 4 kids in a three bedroom house with one bathroom…I can kind of relate! We are hoping to be out before 15 years have passed … We will see!


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