March 11 – Breakfast Browsing

Breakfast Browsing
The cinnamon buns were on the plate, my mom arrived to be a “mom” for any students who didn’t have a family member to share with, laptops were fired up, a balloon at each group of desks showed we were celebrating. The classroom was ready.

At 8am, the students started to stroll in. Some with a mom, some with both mom and dad, a few grandmas came and one big sister. Only four had no guest but my mom, the principal and the reading teacher filled in. The students’ job was to share their work and the visitors’ job was to learn LOTS from us. We even gave them a handout so they could jot down all that they learned.

We shared a video we made explaining HOW we used our laptop to research a topic we wanted to become an expert on. Click to watch video.

After we all viewed the video, our eBooks were explored, our fiction story was read. The back wall with student made Guess Who? Posters related to VA History facts were read and flaps lifted to reveal the answer. The Biography Persuasive Posters were viewed in the hallway.

Until 9:10am, browsing occurrred!! I stood and smiled and thought that this is truly the job of a teacher – to empower her students to teach others! This was happening today!! I am SO glad we held a Browsing Breakfast on the Friday morning of another short week of school. Despite the crazy winter, we have learned LOTS in Room 121 and today our guests were learning from us!!

To view photos taken at event, Click here.


2 thoughts on “March 11 – Breakfast Browsing

  1. Julieanne says:

    Ok, this is awesome! So glad I clicked on this post. I love what your students produced,how they worked, and how they talked about. Tell me more about myOn… Looks like something we'd have to pay for but worth it? Broad enough? Also what e-book software did your kids use? LOVE this and your kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Sally says:

    Thanks for viewing!!
    My school district – FCPS – purchased myon – online books to read or listen to with a broad range of titles and lots of nonfiction. We also have a subscription to Tumblebooks which tends to be more fiction.
    The ebooks were just google presentation which is google's powerpoint. I called it an ebook because after the title page, they added a table of contents and then a glossary at the end.
    Thanks again for the postive comment. I can't wait to share it with them. Where do you teach?
    I am in VA – Fairfax County Public Schools – 4th grade.


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