My First Virtual Live Zoom Presentation

The alarm went off on Saturday and I jumped up, showered and dressed in the chosen outfit laid out the night before. After drying my hair and grabbing an ice tea and a muffin from the kitchen, I went to my 2nd floor virtual classroom/spare bedroom. I turned on my computer and the lamps and double checked the bookcase/background image.

I opened the google slideshow. I opened the padlet of resources. I opened the video I planned to share. I reviewed my an opening and closing words drafted yesterday. I practiced the presentation one more time and watched the timing. It clocked in at 45 minutes, allowing for question / answer time. I felt set.

After seeing my headshot and title of my presentation on the screen and hearing Laura introduce me, I thanked her and thanked all for coming. “Add your name to the chat and tell me where you are from.” I saw Megan from Ashland and Kim from Ashland and Emliy from VA Beach. People came, I thought to myself!

Then I shared my screen and immediately, I could not see the chat anymore. I froze. But wait. How will I have the bookclub-like conversation I planned for after sharing the video? I knew the conference participants wouldn’t be able to use their mics but they could and were using the chat. But now I couldn’t see it? My eyes scanned the zoom bar. I didn’t see an option. I clicked on the three bars. I didn’t see an option. Then I realized that I was on the zoom stage at this very moment and Megan, Kim and Emily and probably a few more were here, at 9am on a Saturday. I took a breath and started talking and sharing all that I rehearsed yesterday and again this morning.

When it was time to have the chat discussion, I simply stopped sharing my screen and easily read the chat responses and encouraged many on the other side of the zoom call to participate. I ended at 9:58am, stopped sharing my screen and again could read the chat. I saw many “Thank you” messages. I took another deep breathe and was relieved that my zoom presentation was over and it felt successful, despite that one beginning moment of panic.

NOTE: If interested in learning about Using a Reading Notebook as a Mirror, a Window and a Sliding Glass Door,
here’s my Padlet of Resources I shared with the participantes at the Virginia State Literary Conference

Photos show my zoom background and my zoom intro photo!

9 thoughts on “My First Virtual Live Zoom Presentation

  1. franmcveigh says:

    Great pictures that show two of the first items you were stressing over. Love the padlet. Zoom presentations are a bit unnerving despite prep work. Little glitches can pop up unexpectafter!

    So good to see you at #tcrwp aftwr!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Somehow when I agreed to present, I didn’t realize it was the same day at the Reunion. As soon as I was done, I hopped over. SO enjoyed my day of learning from 10-2pm! SUCH brillance! Inspired to keep at it!! I also got accepted to attend the Equity Institute with Colleen and Sonja the last week on June. Then come July I am turning the screens off for a while!! Great seeing you yesterday too!


  2. Fran McCrackin says:

    Ah, the intricacies of technology! My heart was in my throat, right there with you at the last minute realization. But it worked. Congrats on another presentation, and through a new medium at that! Your presentation title is the best. Maybe it will be a book title one day.
    PS- for future, you might have a partner who wasn’t screen sharing, who could see the chat and perhaps slip you notes or talk to you through earphones. OR, ask the zoom people if there’s a way around it. OR ask your students! Let me know if one of them knows the tech better than we do 🙂


  3. margaretsmn says:

    Thanks for sharing your padlet. Zoom meetings are tricky. We use Google Meet and when I “present” I can’t see the students anymore. I’ve learned to do split screens and it seems to work, but the chat disappears. I just let them know that I won’t see the chat until I stop presenting. The positives outweigh the problems because now we can all be together without having to travel. Amazing!


  4. MegMcCormick says:

    You built the suspense in this slice so nicely. The calm before the storm was effective in roping me in and of course, I knew your calm nature and clearheadedness would save the day. I bet the presentation was stellar, thank you as always for sharing wonderful resources!


  5. sallydonnelly11 says:

    DO you know Kimberly Bauer?? She’s a teacher at Gunston and she attended this presentation. session. I shared a liitle more with her when she emailed me asking for more info about the Social Issue Book Club Unit we are both preeping for to teach in 4th quarter.


  6. jarhartz says:

    Love the bookcase background! So great you shared this work at the state level. Being a zoom veteran of the last year, I knew this aspect of zoom, but never fail to panic when the chat screen goes away when I go on present mode! Congrats on this work Sally.


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