Poetry calms

I awoke thinking about my day ahead
this first day
of 31 days off
off from teaching in person
now plenty of time
to read
to write
to wonder about this new unknown

I was reminded of another day
another unexpected day off
on 9/12/01
The sky was blue
I mowed the grass
I wondered about the unknown

I opened a text message
from my kind friend who sent me this poem
It calmed me
It reminded me:
It is time for poems
It is time to be still
It is time to connect
“in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.”

I recommend reading Lynn Ungar’s poem – Pandemic

Photo I took this morning, while taking a walk and noticing signs of Spring.

13 thoughts on “Poetry calms

  1. Stacey Shubitz says:

    It is easier to stay calm when we take to nature in these times. I lived in Manhattan on 9/11 and recall enjoying walks outside. If for nothing else, those walls were useful to pry myself away from the newspaper and the TV.


  2. glenda funk says:

    I’ve seen “Pandemic” floating around, and agree it is so relevant right now. I started reading Carolyn Forché’s new collection “In the Lateness of the World: Poems” yesterday and writing response poems as I read. I often turn to poetry in times of anxiety. I love that you write a poem as a way of thinking about this moment. I hope knowing you made it through 9-11 offers strength through this moment.


  3. johnrereads says:

    love it
    the universe speaks yet again
    actually I believe it speaks all the time
    most of the time we are too busy to notice

    let me know
    when you are up for a walk in the woods!


  4. Ms Victor Reads says:

    We need to remember to do what we love! Have you listened to the podcast Poetry Unbound- I think you would love it. 31 days-wow! We do not have any day # yet. I imagine we will know more in the next day or two. Take care of yourself.

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  5. RiverBrown says:

    Yes, it is time for poems. Even without a pandemic, such a quick change of routine, from teaching ft to suddenly having weeks of unstructured time, can be tricky.
    I took a break from FB and removed some folks from my Twitter feed. I am concentrating on creativity and compassion — which today took the form of weeding a lot before the rain came!


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