A Puzzle


My new living room coffee table looks like this right now. My oldest is hanging out with us. A few weeks ago, an Amazon package arrived on our doorstep and this puzzle was inside. “I ordered it when I saw the weather report. I thought we could work on it during the snow storm.” So a few weeks ago, she sorted to find the outer edges. Once connected (except for one piece), she then assembled the stunning pink streak of the sky and then the colorful homes of the Cinque Terra. Now the many shades of the blue sky and Mediterranean Sea need to be sorted and pieces together. Plus the grey-green rocks. Who knew my coffee table is just the right size for a 2000 piece puzzle? Who knew a 2000 piece puzzle would require such time and single-minded focus?

Why is she home? Why does she have time on her hands? She took some time off after working tirelessly in Brooklyn for a political candidate. She needed some time to comprehend the loss of the campaign. Now she is starting to feel ready for her next job. She has some irons in the fire and is just waiting for an offer. I admire her courage? persistence? confidence?….Not sure exactly what to call it – that ability to wait to say yes to a job. But not just any job. A job that she really wants. It helps that she planned well and has a large savings account to tide her over as she waits. It helps that we have a spare bedroom and easily cook for three now.

The snowstorm allowed for only one day off from school. So now, weeks later, I help add pieces to the puzzle on the weekends. She continues, in her spare time. Soon, the puzzle will be competed. Soon, she’ll take that next job. For now, I’m going to post this story on Day 25, a Saturday, and add a few more pieces to the puzzle.

7 thoughts on “A Puzzle

  1. Melanie Meehan says:

    Puzzles consume way more time than I have to give away most of the time. I worked on one when I was with friends in Vermont, and my neck was sore, as well! Love the reflections and respect for your daughter that you weave into a simple post about puzzles, Sally.


  2. Amanda Burns Regan says:

    I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, and some of my happiest times have been spent bent over a puzzle with family, trying to find the next piece. Your daughter sounds like a wise woman. Enjoy your time with her!


  3. bhamteach says:

    I like the analogy of your daughter taking the time to put the puzzle pieces of her life together (job hunting) to that of the jigsaw puzzle. Life is a giant puzzle, isn’t it?


  4. readingtothecore says:

    Those gorgeous colors make me want to buy that puzzle! We always had puzzles at my in-laws’ cabin in Maine, but never got into the habit of doing them at home once my kids were older. Isn’t it wonderful having your daughter home? Wishing her luck as she embarks on her next adventure!


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