Currently, I am…

Currently, I am…

sautéing cabbage on the front, left burner and giving it a good stir every 5 minutes.

cooling a bagful of cooked egg noodles in a colander which I just removed and drained from the front-right burner.

boiling a corned beef slab of meat, 2 hours down with one to go on the back, right burner.

baking gorgonzola and onion puffed pastries in the oven as an appetizer to tide us over until the corned beef is done.

pouring myself a glass of wine as a treat for the chef to enjoy as I await the now 42 minutes until the timer goes off for the meat.

reading the novel as I wait, A Man Called Ove…loving it!!

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!!


Why early?
Next Friday on March 17th, I’ll be in NYC to enjoy the Reunion Saturday at TCRWP.
Will YOU be there??!!!

NOTE: I wrote about my 2015 St. Patrick’s Day HERE

AND here in 2014 where I included the recipe

8 thoughts on “Currently, I am…

  1. Lanny Ball says:

    Wow, the complexity of your cooking skills is impressive! Love the formatting you used. I’ve been considering a poem for a post, and after reading yours I am inspired to now try.
    I, too, am looking forward to the TC Saturday Reunion! Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day to you!


  2. cindaroo42 says:

    Great post! It shows how it takes so many things orchestrated at once to cook a big meal!

    A Man Called Ove is just FANTASTIC! I’m jealous you get to experience it for the first time. Enjoy 🙂


  3. Frances A Mccrackin says:

    I took a look at your words in bold- 4 cooking words, then pouring, then reading. Such a nice progression. You drew me into your kitchen as I tried to guess what you were making. And then a little surprise- why early? Because… I know you are looking forward to the reunion!


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