1 day until March

“My favorite month is March,” I told my 3rd graders yesterday. “Because it is the month that I write every single day!” I’m reminded of my nephew whose college baseball season just started. He’s been practicing and playing scrimmages during his freshman year at University of Tennessee but now the season has begun.

I feel like tomorrow is my first day of my 2017 writing season! I think I’m ready. I planned for it over the past two weekends. I set these goals.

  1. Write every day.
  2. Read many blogs every day and leave a comment.
  3. Read my students’ kidblogs and add stickers to their calendar sheet every time they blog.
  4. read and encourage the friends’ blogs that I got to join in this year.

However, I am nervous. I wonder if my nephew felt nervous as he was called in to take the mound with bases loaded and no outs. If he was, it didn’t show. Instead, he threw and struck out the next 3 players to end the inning and his team went on to win the game! His coach commented after the game that watching him pitch”is electrifying!”

I’m ready to feel that electricity as I write this month. And like an athlete who is grateful to his or her coaches, I am grateful to The Two Writing Teachers for providing me with this safe space to write and read and grow amongst supportive writers.

I can hear Lucy Calkins telling me, “Off you go…write!”


4 thoughts on “1 day until March

  1. Adrienne says:

    Nice similes. I am excited, too. It is amazing how helpful reading other writers’ blogs is to generating ideas. I get to the point of thinking I’ve nothing more to write about, then someone’s blog sparks a thought or memory and I am off again!


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