Celebrating Poetry Writing using Online Poet Websites and Kidblog

Looking back on teaching writing last week in 3rd grade, I see it as a week with not enough time. We had a special science unit to share, led by a resource teacher, so something had to give. Instead of a good 45-60 minutes of Writing Workshop, only about 30 minutes happened. However, looking back, I can celebrate that with wonderful online poetry models and with the tool, Kidblog as a place to easily draft our poems, LOTS still got done during Writing Workshop!!!

First, I placed links to 6 poets in Google Classroom and each day held a 4-7 minute mini-lesson where I simply clicked on one poet’s website and shared one of their poems. Then I suggested that my students try either to draft their own poems now or continue to read more poems, searching for more inspiration. Then I sent all off to work as poets.

Our Google Classroom page looks like this:

For example, on Wed, I shared how Amy reads the Wonderopolis Wondering of the Day and then write and posts a poem related to the wondering (Thank you Educators Collaborative for sharing Amy last Saturday so I could learn about her and her The Poem Farm website!!)
Wednesday night,  I looked on my class Kidblog and saw that Lucas was inspired to write this after he noticed that Amy had written a 26 line poem about Compost, starting each line with the letters A-Z:
and a day later, Lucas’ poem inspired William to begin drafting this:
All because Amy showed us the ABCs of Composting inspired by What is Fertilizer?!!!

On another day, I shared J. Patrick Lewis’ page of POEMS/RIDDLES that looks like this:

Next thing I see on Madeline’s Kidblog page is this:


I also shared Kenn Nesbitt’s poem, Joe the Emoji!

My students already have been using emoji to tell their stories and I wrote about it  HERE. 
Now they are having fun writing poems and songs using lots of emoji. My class regularly takes movement breaks using GoNoodle as our guide. Now the songs we move to there are being written in emoji on Kidblog!! Here’s one example:

I recall one of the Poetry presenters during the Saturday Educator’s Collaboration Day say that when she hears teachers say they don’t have time for poetry, she will fire back, “Do you have 20 seconds to read aloud a poem?” Last week, I did not have the time to run a regular hour-long Poetry Writing Workshop. But my students proved to me that just being exposed to a poem, a riddle, or a song for a few minutes was all they needed to write some fun poetry!!

What poetry are YOU sharing TODAY during National Poetry Month?!!
Be sure to make the time! You’ll be amazed at what gets produced.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Poetry Writing using Online Poet Websites and Kidblog

  1. newtreemom says:

    I've been doing poetry with several classrooms, too…I like your ideas. I hope to continue with some poetry even though the statewide assessment train is barreling down on us again.


  2. Julieanne says:

    This is a time that technology is made for! The poetry websites for kids (and adults) are so inviting. Then the fact that kids can publish with immediacy adds to the power. Great poem William!


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    I love this idea and am so glad you shared! Thank you. We are in the beginning of testing season (Yuck), which means less time for workshop. I'm going to use your idea. I know the kids will LOVE it.


  4. Ms. Victor says:

    Google Classroom does make letting kids click on inspiration easier! You have picked some great examples for your students and I love how you are still fitting in writing- go, you!


  5. Ms. Victor says:

    Google Classroom does make letting kids click on inspiration easier! You have picked some great examples for your students and I love how you are still fitting in writing- go, you!


  6. Julieanne says:

    There is never enough time it seems. But then, sometimes just a little thing, like sharing a poem, virtually or read aloud, brings forth so much. Sometimes we just need to brush up against something. Lucky kids. You give them exposure and time to try.


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