My Birthday

“Hi Mom. Happy Birthday! It’s already your birthday in France,” my younger daughter’s voice sweetly said as I answered my cell phone. I glanced at my clock and quickly did the math – 6pm for me but midnight and the next day for Anne. I muted the Gilmore Girl rerun I was mindlessly watching in the TV room. For me it was that time after-making-dinner but before-Brian-gets-home to eat with me. So I was watching a rerun and glancing through the daily newspaper. But now I wasn’t alone. The perfect birthday gift – a phone call from France.

After a 45 minute chat, I hung up Then minutes later the phone rang again and again a voice said, “Happy Birthday, a day early!” This time it was my oldest daughter, Bridgit. She was heading home from her job in Manhattan and the sounds of a busy city could be heard in the background. She caught me up on all her lastest work news and we exchanged info for when we’d be together in 2 weeks in New York and she listened to how my school work was going. Before I knew it, another 45 minutes had gone by, Brian was home and it was time for dinner.

Having 2 kids  – one living in another time zone and one living many miles North, it made me happy that they took time to wish me a happy day via a cell phone chat.

The next day, at 7:10am, my own mom sent me a birthday wish text. At 7:19am I saw a teacher friend from years ago posted her wishes for me to my facebook timeline. Two cards arrived by the postman and one card was given in person by my sister along with a restaurant luncheon.

All through the school day, I passed out Smartie candies as a Birthday treat! I also shared a video version of the picture book, Where the Wild Things Are. “This book and me are the same age – 54 years,”  I told me students!

Then at 7:10pm my husband and I headed to a nearby restaurant. I ordered a cocktail, had the soup of the day,  and enjoyed time to chat, catch-up, and reminiscence with my husband. After I enjoyed my yummy steak and potatoes meal prepared Spanish-style and he devoured his Salmon, a lovely plate of flan surrounded by rasberries and blackberries was placed at the table. One lone candle, stuck into a berry, was aglow. I blew it out, making a wish.

So many ways to celebrate a birthday!



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