Last Night in Tulum, Mexico

“Let’s head down to the beach on our way back to our room,” Brian said as he handed the signed dinner bill to our waiter.

My bare feet sunk into the soft sandy floor of Ziggy’s Beach Restaurant. Above us was a towering thatched roof holding up no sides at all – the restaurant was all open to the outside. And the ceiling magically was aglow. Many basket-woven spheres hung throughout, each containing a single light bulb that gave off a soft, magical glow.

Tulum’s Ziggy Beach Restaurant was nothing like dining in Arlington, VA. No a/c – just the delightful ocean breeze. No piped in music – a 4-piece band played live music. My favorite musician was the bongo player. Boy could his hands move to make sound. And no hurry – we had just slowly enjoyed cocktails, an appetizer, a fresh fish dinner, said “sure” to dessert, and ended with a glass of port. I don’t know how many hours have passed because vacation rule #1 – no watches. But I do know it was a good long time.

Once I stepped away from the restaurant and onto the beach, I looked up. Wow – so many stars. “There’s the North Star,” I proudly announced. After weeks of studying the evening sky, I was starting to read the sky. However, it does help when the sky is so clear and not overshadowed by city lights!

We continued to step along the the sandy beach just above the shore line. The sand was soft and easy to walk in. Then suddenly, the sand changed. “Look,” I pointed down. Brian turned on his iPhone flashlight and lit up the sand. It was packed down and was in the shape of a long column going back down to the water in one direction and headed up the beach in the other. Quickly, he turned off his flashlight and whispered, “I think that shady spot up there is a turtle.” He pointed up the patched down path to a mound about a yard away.

Suddenly sand flew across my leg. “I think she just sprayed my feet with sand as she digs.” We were strolling on the beach in Tulum, Mexico and suddenly realized we were next to a giant sea turtle trying to lay her eggs on the beach.

Dinner, barefoot, live music, star-filled sky and a turtle, too. What a magical last evening of vacation!



6 thoughts on “Last Night in Tulum, Mexico

  1. mbhmaine says:

    Oh, Sally, you have captured a magical evening! Your details wove an enchanting spell and I was right next to you when you hit that patch of sand. I can’t believe you saw a turtle laying eggs! Wow! I hope the rest of your watch-free vacation was just as wonderful as this.


  2. mary anne stallings says:



  3. barbara suter says:

    You have lived one of my daughter’s dreams…to see a sea turtle and to watch it lay its eggs. What a magical event, even more so because it was so unexpected. You’ve definitely captured my interest in Tulum!


  4. theapplesinmyorchard says:

    What a great evening! We went to Tulum, many years ago. Our experience was not the same. Ours was part of a tour, crowded and hot. Yours sounds lovely and intimate. We recently returned from Bermuda and had lovely relaxed, unrushed dinners there, just as you described having in Tulum. Must be the ocean breezes. Thanks for sharing.


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