Maker Faire as Word Cloud

In Kate Messner’s book, 59 Reasons to Write, Lesson 49 is called, “Wordle: What Am I Writing About? …Here’s a way that might help you figure out what you’re writing about…”

Last Spring I wrote an article about the Maker Faire put on at my school. I copied the words from that article into 3 different word cloud generators and got these results.

  1. Using this word cloud generator, I got this:

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 7.59.28 AM.png

2. Using, I got this:


3. And this one using WordItOut


Seeing the BIG ideas in a word cluster is fun and enlightening! I knew my article was about the Maker Faire we had at school last year. But the word clouds helped me to see other words – choose, think, reaction, time, teacher, students, problem-solving, brave, try. These clouds help me to see all the details of a great hands-on project.

What is YOUR writing about today?
Maybe you know.
Maybe you aren’t sure.
Try using a word cloud to literally SEE all the BIG ideas!

Note: This year, my fourth, my goal is to work on my writing each day using lessons from three books. My list of ideas is here on this padlet. Take a peek if you need inspiration!