Time Change

The microwave clock.
The stove clock.
The bedroom alarm clock.
The clock in the car.
All changed now except for the car….can’t recall how to adjust the digits.
I’ll look it up in the manuel later.

Not sure why we move the clocks back and forth.
May have made sense when we spent our lives outside farming.
But now, in a 24/7 kind of world
It seems more of a nuisance.

Yet, I shouldn’t complain.
I no longer have very many clocks in my life.
And my iPhone magically autocorrected for me.



Day 1 – Friday but a Snow Day….plenty of time
Day 2 – Saturday…plenty of time
Day 3 – Sunday….plenty of time
Day 4 – it precipitated all night long but too warm so fell as rain so no Snow Day.
Looks like I’m teaching today.
So glad I set the alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier.

Time is a funny thing.
Same 24 hours every day.
Monday through Friday is filled with 8 hours of work, at least.
Then eating and sleeping time must be spent.
But somehow, when I really want to do something
I find the time to do it.