#14 – My Mission Statement

Over the weekend I read THIS POST  that opened with:
Today at the annual American Montessori Conference, Mitchel Adler, the keynote speaker, challenged everyone in the audience to write a personal mission statement.

Inspired, I drafted my own Mission Statement:

I aspire to be the kind of person who never stops learning. Learning to me means I read lots to understand how best to live in the world. Learning to me means I write lots knowing that by writing, I come to understand my world and then by more writing, I can change my world. Learning to me means I reflect often by asking lots of questions about what is working and what could be better and then taking the steps toward the better.

These questions and stems helped me to get started:
* Who do I want to be?
*Why do I want to be that way?
* I aspire to be…
* I wish to cultivate…

5 Question Challenge

This morning I wasn’t sure what to write today and then I read Michelle Haseltine‘s blog post called The 5 Question Challenge and I decided to try answering the questions myself as she suggested.

1. What has been your one biggest struggle this year?
NEVER ENOUGH TIME. My biggest struggle has been finding enough TIME to learn a new district’s way, help form a new school community, and learn a new grade-level curriculum. My mantra now is: “Next year will be so much easier because everything won’t feel so new!”

2. Share two accomplishments that you are proud of this school year?
1. WRITING: I am proud that I guided my 3rd graders in Writing Workshop to publish Small Moments, Poetry, Informational Books, and Adapted Fairy Tales (on 3/17) as well as setting up and teaching the kids how to blog using Kidblog.
2. TECHNOLOGY: I am proud that I have embraced the use of iPads, apps, Google Classroom, and Kidblog and done so with the idea that these are TOOLS to amplify our learning and not just a way to play a game. This time last year, I had never even used any of the technology listed.

3. What are three things you wish to accomplish before the end of the school year?
1. WRITING: I want to celebrate with Publishing Parties when my students write a research paper, opinion reviews, and more poetry, along with more posting and commenting to Kidblog.
2. TECHNOLOGY: I want to learn even more ways to use the iPads and Google Classroom. So excited to attend the 2nd Digital and Media Institute at TCRWP in April!
3. COMMUNITY: I want to continue to use the methods of Responsive Classroom to continue to build community and a safe, trusting environment in my classroom and in my school.

4. Give four reasons why you stay in education today despite today’s rough culture?

1. I stay in education because it is what I am trained well to do.
2. I stay in education because I still have so much more to learn to do it even better.
3. I stay in education because of the kids.
4. I stay in education because of the families.

5. Which five people do you hope will take this challenge by answering these questions?
Instead of naming people, I ask anyone who is interested to take this challenge.