March Madness

I rushed home from school on Friday.
I turn on the TV, ready to watch.
Alone, I text a family member, also a UVA alum:


At 3:10pm, I sit and watch my favorite team play.
As the 1st half ends, it starts to feel like deja vu???
Not again:(
Another family member, another UVA alum, sends me a text:


At the half, I go made popcorn.
At the half, I watched sleet begin to fall outside?
Yes, heavy sleet starts to fall!
Wasn’t it sunny a moment ago?
The outside world seems to be mimicing the on-court world in Columbia, SC.

Then the sleet stops and the sun comes out again.
Then my team returns for the 2nd half and wins the game!

March Madness is the perfect alliterative phrase for this time of year!

March 28 – Let’s Go Hoo’s

I am a proud graduate of the University. Others call it The University of Virginia but as a VA alum, it is referred to as The University. My time was spent learning and growing at the Curry School of Education. As a students, I cheered for my school teams and especially enjoyed basketball. Full disclosure – I did not grow up playing basketball. I don’t really understand the game. I know there is something called man-to-man defense and zone but I could not explain any of  the strategy of the game. I know each team has 5 guys on the court and the tallest seems to be called the center and the short, quick guy is called the guard but not sure what their “job” is or what the jobs and titles of the other 3 guys are. I just know that I like the fast-paced, up and down the court plays. The 3-pt shots, the lay-ups, the teamwork needed to win.

I am watching again this year. This Wahoo team is GOOD! Along with being skilled, they genuinely seem to be having fun. They enjoy playing this game well. In return, it is fun for me to watch. The photo above was taken during last Saturday’s winning game which earned them their slot in the Sweet Sixteen. They played hard. They were focused. They did not let up. And they also laughed and had the time of their life! It’s that how all of us should approach our job in life!

Tonight I’ll be watching and cheering starting at 10pm. Then plan to sing the Good ‘Ol Song!

Any Wahoo fans out there, too??!!