ABC possibilities

My neice is expecting her first baby, a baby girl. Her mom (my husband’s sister) is making an ABC book for the little one and asked for letter suggestions using this prompt: “My gift/wish for her is…”

Other family members started to share:

B – Ballgames and Beach trips
E – Equality
G – Gardening
H – Humor
M – Music

I shared:

C – Confidence to do everything she sets her mind to
L – daily Laptime, to sit and Listen to books being read aloud to her.
T – Time to Travel to see the world (including some architectual wonders)
V – Visits to spend time with extended family members

Next, my oldest daughter shared:

A – Activism, pushing the world around her to be a better place
C – Cooking
D – Democrats. Enough said. 
P – Plants, because we all need a little greenery in our lives (I’ve recently become a Plant Mom and am enjoying it)
Q – Quantitative reasoning; numbers can change the world!
S – The Sound of Music, an important musical in my childhood. I hope she enjoys it (and Singing!) too!
T – Traveling
V – Voting!

What would YOU share?

ABC Book of Starbucks – 1st draft!

We took our state test last week but still have 2 weeks of school….so final project time!

My middle schoolers brainstormed their passions by jotting down where they spend time, at home, in the neighborhood, on vacation, doing a hobbie, and with a pet.

My middle schoolers chose to either share their passion in one of these forms:
* an Ignite speech for a 6th grade audience
* an ABC book for a Pre-school / Kindergarten audience
* a graphic comic book for a 1st grade audience

My passion brainstorm list looks like this: reading, cooking, swimming, writing at Starbucks, snorkeling, France, quilting.

I realized as I brainstormed that I spend a lot of time at the Starbucks in my town. I go there mostly to write before school or on a Saturday morning. I decided to try to write my ABCs of Starbucks. Here’s my draft!

A I scan my smartphone starbuck’s app.
B I ask the barista for banana bread.
C Starbucks is my favorite coffeehouse.
D Chocolate milk is a drink I order.
E Starbucks is a good place to eat
F Starbucks is a good place to sit and talk to friends by the fireplace.
G I order a grande size.
H I order grande hot chocolate, no whip.
I I order grande ice tea, no sweetener.
J JUST the treat to sip in my reuseable Keep Cup.
K I take out my computer out of my keepsack.
L I type away as lively music plays softly.
M Some days I eat a muffin.
N nibble – nibble – reflect and type.
O Some days I eat oatmeal.
P or a cake pop.
Q Some day I sit quietly and think,
R by the roaring fire.
S Some days I order a strawberry frappuccino.
T Some days I order a turkey bacon egg white sandwich.
U Upstairs seating is my favorite.
V Some days I order venti size.
W Each visit I write.
X Then I eXit.
Y Sometime taking a yummy treat home with me.
Z At the end of the day, I dream of writng and eating and sipping at Starbucks….zzz….sleep tight!

Ok…this may seem like a silly ABC book but it is still a draft…I have until next Friday to revise, edit and published. An end of year project to highlight our passions as we end 6th grade.