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In my rush to organize the author visit, I didn’t have my notebook with me, only took a few photos and took no notes. Here’s a few things sticking with me from an amazing hour spent in my middle school auditorium filled with 350 students and the New York Times Best Selling Author of 13 books, Nic Stone:

  • I love being a writer. I get paid to make up stories. A typical day is taking my boys to school and then coming back home, sitting in the corner of my sectional sofa and writing. Sometimes I go to the coffee shop to work. It is a great place to people watch and get ideas. I love that I get paid to write made-up stories!
  • All you need to write is two words – What if…..
  • This is my favorite tatoo. It is the arrest numbers of people I admire that got into good trouble – Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, ….I need to add John Lewis.
  • At first I went to GA Tech for college but then I transfered to Spelman. It’s where my mom went which is why I didn’t go there first. Do you ever not do what your parents did simply because they did it?! I recommend attending an HBCU or even just taking a class at one. It will change you!
  • My favorite color is orange. It is the combination of passion (red) and happiness (yellow).

Special thanks to the six fast pitch softball players who let me volunteer them to introduce and interview Nic.
Special thanks to Politics and Prose Bookstore for arranging this visit.

If you haven’t yet, read ALL of Nic Stone’s books!!!

PS – Happy St. Patrick’s Day – today at 5pm (EST), Fran McCrackin and I are hosting a Slicer Workshop.
Email Fran for the zoom link –

3/175pmFran McCrackinfran.mccrackin@gmail.comSally Donnelly

12 thoughts on “Nic Stone @DHMS

  1. humbleswede says:

    Thanks for these notes. I’m glad the visit went well. I like this line from NS: “Did you ever not do something just because your parents did it?” That might be a good writing prompt for me.


  2. kimhaynesjohnson says:

    Sally, thank you for sharing about Nic Stone. I loved seeing her at NCTE, marching right out there on stage and kicking off her shoes. It made me want to start our presentation that day by kicking off our shoes to be just like her. She is a badass, and women badass writers are my heroes. I would so love to join the meet up today, but it’s a camping weekend for us, and we will be in transit at that time. Please tell me there is another one…….please, please. I love nothing better than to be in spaces where I am breathing the air of other writers. Oh, and by the way…..Spelman is one hour from me. I have a dear friend from high school who went there lots of years before our friend Nic.


  3. Glenda Funk says:

    I love how chill Nic Stone is. I remember meeting her at the ALAN workshop cocktail party about the time Dear Martin came out. I need to catch up on my Nic Stone reading! So many books, so little time. Have fun at your slicer workshop.


  4. Denise Krebs says:

    Sally, what a great author visit. You did manage to capture a couple of great shots, and remembered some great details from her talk. It was fun to see her at NCTE. I know you were there too. She effortlessly filled the stage when Kendi couldn’t make it due to travel problems.


  5. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    This is awesome! I love her advice on writing…what if! You can tell form the pictures how much she cares about kids! I wish I could come to the meet-up but my son is home and we will be out to eat.


  6. Alice says:

    Get out! Nic Stone? I can’t keep her books on our shelves. I enjoy author visits and bringing them to students. Your students are fortunate to have the experience. Organizing an author visit is hard work, but well worth it.

    I enjoyed meeting you this afternoon as well. Thank you for all of the tips. It was great meeting everyone.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Alice, I so enjoyed meeting you today. So glad you joined the xzoom from Texas!
      I am still pinching myself that I got to bring Nic Stone to my school. This has been quite the year. My students and I made a video to win a surprise visit from Kwame Alexander and Dec. 5, 2022 is now my favorite day as an educator!! I blogged about it here:
      I started adding this hashtag #Authorsarerockstars because to me, they really are!!
      I think it also helps that my school is located just across the Potomac River from DC and that Politics and Prose booksstore is so well connected to publishers who are looking for schools to visit.
      I think I really just want to be a librarian when I grow up but for now, I’m enjoying being a teacher who can host authors for my school!!


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