A Letter to my soon-to-be Granddaughter

Dear Little One,
As the first month of 2023 comes to an end, your mom sent me two happy text messages related to your February arrival.

The first shared news that your little growing body shifted and now is in the expected, heads-down position in your warm cocoon. It seems you are getting ready to make your out-of-the-womb appearance.

The second news came as a photo. It showed such loving effort by your parents and your mom’s best friend, Adela, who came for a visit ahead of your arrival. She purposefully chose this moment to offer help getting your nursery all set up. In the photo, your white crib filled the foreground. It is ready to offer you a comfy place to nap. Adela and Bridgit followed all the step-by-step Ikea picture-directions and after many righty-tighty moves using allen wrenches, your crib is set for your arrival.

Above the crib, they placed colorful hearts and a large rainbow decal in various shades of peach and teal. And just above the decals, they hung bunting. A repeated pattern of beige, white and orange triangles hangs, just like that which hung at your parent’s wedding.

Plus, two surprises await you in your crib. Two stuffed animal friends – a panda and a dinosaur. I wonder what you will name them. Will the three of you become fast friends?

Best of all, a warm blanket hangs on your crib. Your Great-Nana crocheted it with her 87-year old hands, using matching shades of teal and white yarn. It is sure to keep you warm as soon as you arrive.

In sixteen days, it will be Valentine’s Day. This is a day celebrated by saying “I love you” with cards and candy and flowers, all across the globe. It is also the day your Grandpa’s mother celebrated her birthday. And best of all, it is YOUR proposed due date!

The two text messages I received from your mom this week show how much you are loved. I am excited you are in position and ready . I am equally exicted that once you arrive, your Amsterdam bright and happy nursery is ready to embrace you like a warm hug. You are one lucky little lady. Whether you arrive on the 14th or on another day soon, your earthly home is ready for you.
Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “A Letter to my soon-to-be Granddaughter

  1. franmcveigh says:

    So welcoming!
    So many plans already in place for this beloved little one. Anticipation! And multiple generations are already represented in this room! Congratulations, Grandma-to-be-soon.


  2. Jessica Carey says:

    This letter will be such a gift some day. I wrote my daughters a letter every Sunday for years and published them into a book. I got the idea from Shelley Harwayne. She wrote to her grandkids. Congratulations to your family. Your love shines in this letter.


  3. margaretsmn says:

    The anticipation, the love waiting. I know that feeling well. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this intimate and special time with us.


  4. Erika says:

    Ack, love, love, love this! It brought me back to the anticipation of my oldest son’s birth also in Amsterdam. I am delighted to be able to have these glimpses into the new terrain you are entering. How lovely to already start the letters to your grandchild.


  5. kimhaynesjohnson says:

    Sally, already this little girl is loved and has the hearts of all those around her. There is so much that is special and meaningful – hygge – about the warmth of her space. The blanket is something she will treasure all of her days, and the pattern above the crib and the hands that put it together. Your letter is something she can frame – or place in a scrapbook for all of her letters from you – and what a cherished gift it is! Congratulations on your granddaughter!


  6. Stacey Shubitz says:

    It’s clear your granddaughter is so loved by your words, the preparation of her room, and the care her mama is taking of her body to get ready for her arrival. What an exciting time for you!

    Keep writing to your granddaughter. She’ll treasure those letters as she grows up. (My Grandma began emailing in the early aughts, so I have quite a few of her emails that I love to read from time to time. She passed away in 2007 so it’s like rediscovering her voice when I read them.)


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