Tasks before I Leave for Vacation

“Medium hot chocolate, 2% milk, please” I requested of the Peet’s barista.
Then I sat for an hour, working on my NCTE slides and awaiting for the restaurant to open.

“Eggs with bacon, please” I told the restaurant waitress, “and an unsweeted iced tea.”
Then I sat and ate with my laptop opened next to me, creating six-days of sub plans.
Two days so I can attend the NCTE conference in Anaheim.
Then four more days off before and after the Thanksgiving break
so my husband and I can take our New Mexico trip that didn’t take place last summer.
(Yep, I’m feeling slightly guilty being gone from school all those days.)

I glanced at my phone to see that four hours have passed.
“A bowl of soup and another iced tea,” I asked when the waitress checks on me.
And for another 3 hours, I keep at it.

Sitting in the coffee shop and the restaurant allowed me time to focus.
If I had stayed home, I would have been distracted by
a dish washer to empty, a living room to vacuum, a backyard of leaves to rake.
Sitting plates of food I didn’t have to prepare and with borrowed wifi,
I listed and checked off many tasks.
Now, I am closer to being ready to leave town for 2-weeks.

NCTE, here I come! Then Disneyland. Then New Mexico.


6 thoughts on “Tasks before I Leave for Vacation

  1. Erika says:

    I would love to be at NCTE, but distance … I look forward to your sharing afterward. Good for you to take some time away as well. Sub plans are the worst- I have been known to be at school when I shouldn’t just because I hate them so much. Glad you were so productive.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. humbleswede says:

    I can relate to the sub plan stress. However, I would never be able to focus in a coffee shop. Too much there to distract me…the eavesdropping possibilities alone, not to mention my inability to order coffee. I hope you have a great time at NCTE. Good luck with your presentation. Say hi to the other slicers. Your students will be fine…once you get back.


  3. kimhaynesjohnson says:

    Sally, I look forward to meeting you at NCTE. What a fabulous post. I hope you’re not feeling too terribly guilty about missing those days of school. A great teacher is a recharged teacher, full of life and ready to tell all about the great fun and learning along the way. This is why I love camping – I use it as an escape for my writing. It’s great we all have those spaces that inspire us.


  4. jaclynfre says:

    Sub plans are incredibly tedious. No matter how many details you include, there’s always that 3 a.m. “Oh that person gets pulled for . . . ” at random time jolt up in bed moment. Thanks for sharing your strategy!


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