End of Quarter 1

First quarter ends today
and I noticed smiling students
hanging with their school pals
while learning math, science, history,
along with reading and writing stories.

First quarter ends today
and I worry about my thriving students.
I see them reading to create Passsion Projects on a choice topic.
They google articles about drones and pokemon and Bad Bunny.
They skim library books about architecture, Brazil, and Kanya West.
I know they CAN read when they choose a topic.

Yet, my county and state keep making students take standardized reading tests.
My striving students struggle to know how to answer questions after reading a random story.
Is it A, B, C or D?
They ask: Why am I reading about some dude named Mark Twain.
Why am I asked questions about some random blue and green bus schedule?
Why should I care about the farmers in some cafe that some guy named Gary Paulsen is obseving?
I guess I’m not surprised that the highest score on the last test was 58% 😦

Next week I attend NCTE22 in Anaheim!
I will be looking for inspiration with my striving students in mind.
Because I want to engage students, I tried Passion Projects (and see it working!)
But the system makes students jump through their standarized multiple choice assessment hoops.
I hope I can find a way to help my striving readers to be successful in both choice reading
and the reading thrown at them by their county and their state.

All suggestions appreciated.

Also going to NCTE22 in Anaheim?!!
Looking forward to the Slicer Meet-up on Friday!!
And I get to present on Saturday!!


4 thoughts on “End of Quarter 1

  1. Joanne Goodwin says:

    I LOVE reading your posts!!! They inspire me…and they make me sad that choice reading isn’t valued more… Can’t wait to hear what you learn in Anaheim!! Miss you, my soon to be grandma friend!! Joanne

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    Can’t wait to see you! I hear you about the standardized tests. Even my gifted students struggle with the why and how. Many teachers expect high scores from them, yet they are so easily bored and don’t see the point. No point=no effort. I hope we have a chance to visit.


  3. Trish says:

    I am excited to attend your presentation, Sally! (And I rue the dilemma you and other creative, committed professionals face. Passion should be the invitation we extend to our students.


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