Sunday at the Bakery

I have a Saturday and Sunday morning routine. I walked to my neighborhood bakery, buy two treats, walked back home, cut each in half, place the mismatched halves on plates for my husband and I and sit and eat while reading the newspaper.

My bakery specializes in scones and breads. They also only make so much each day so when they sell out, they close. Because of this I aim to get there when they open at 8am so I have more buying options. Last week I ordered a Strawberry scone and a slice of lemon poppy bread. However, I left wondering if it might be time to create a new weekend routine.

During the pandemic, this bakery only opened their door and had a mobile counter placed in the doorway. One worker stood and waited on one person at a time from this spot. No one entered the bakery and customers waited dutifully, one at a time to place their order, pay and leave. All stood 6 ft apart along the sidewalk outside of the small strip mall. One by one, orders were placed in the open air. This system stopped as Covid numbers in the area dropped and now all customers enter into the shop which is only big enough for about 10 people to stand and wait their turn to order.

On Sunday the bakery was hopping. As I pushed their door open, I counted three poeple to my left in line between me and the counter. Then along the side of the counter, where all the pastries sit only separated by a glass partision, another 3 people stood, looking at all the choices. And three bakery staff were taking orders. I glanced up at the chalkboard sitting on the counter listing all the options and started thinking about what I’d order.

Then the door opened behind me. A dad walked in, moved right past me and his 2 sons followed. The 2nd one stepped right on my sandled left foot. I jumped and moaned a bit but no one noticed what was happening to my foot, including the boy. He walked on to stay with his dad who was now looking at all the choices through the glass. As the person at the counter paid and left, I moved up a little and another man entered and asked me (what I thought was a stupid question), “Are you in line?”

“I think so” came out of my mouth. Then I heard one of the bakery staff say, “I can help the next customer” and the dad with the 2 boys spoke up and ordered.

Finally, I exited the crowded bakery with my order and a bruised foot. As I walked home, I wondered if I needed a new weekend morning routine.

13 thoughts on “Sunday at the Bakery

  1. Erika says:

    I have loved reading about this weekend routine in the past. It is sometimes hard to know when a ritual or routine no longer serves us well. Maybe you can add another spot or two to make it an option in your weekend. It is always fun to have a destination treat! Visiting a bit of your turf in person was one of my summer highlights.

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  2. mbhmaine says:

    I’m a huge fan of any bakery routine 🙂 , but I can understand why you’re reconsidering yours. Adjusting to changes in spacing and distancing practices, with Covid still present among us,is a challenge. What a treat to live within walking distance of a bakery though, and your choices are right up my alley! Yum!

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  3. franmcveigh says:

    The Czech in me loved your choice of poppy bread.

    And oh, I can relate. Many of my routines now are around “early” or “late” so there are no crowds, no lines, no other “cranky” folks but me!

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  4. amyjuengst says:

    So frustrating! The entitlement and lack of social graces demonstrated by people during the pandemic seems to have intensified. Hopefully you will have a more positive experience next time.

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    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      I made sure that this weekend, I arrived 10 minutes before they opened and was first in line!! There pastiries are too good to go somewhere else! Does Michigan have a good bakery or coffee shop??!!!


  5. Glenda Funk says:

    Speak up! Sometimes people don’t realize they’ve but in line. Sometimes they’re conscious of their buttinsky ways. In both cases they’re lack of awareness deserves calling out. It’s not your routine of choosing the same bakery that needs to change. Trust me on this. I never let others take my place in line. I inform them I’m next and the line is behind me.

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  6. Trish says:

    Your spot-on description of the pandemic routine—and the change since “it’s over”—mirror what is happening here, and probably elsewhere. Hopefully there will be more sweetness in our futures!

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  7. Fran McCrackin says:

    A thoughtful and provocative small moment. I envy the two mismatched pastries shared between you and your husband- that created a clear picture for me. My take on your experience is the idea of unconscious privilege , which I explored recently in Pause. We can forgive an egocentric child (how o,d was he?) but the dad just is used to barging in and getting his needs met asap. Others know to scope out the place and the unspoken expectations that bind us and make society work. I dk if you should revisit your routine or not! I’m curious to hear what you might substitute..


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