Summer Reading Stacks

My last assignment of this 2022-2023 school year is planned.
Students will reflect on ALL they read this year and make a plan for what to read over the summer break. First, they will look through their Reading Log (a slideshow with four slides where they posted book covers of books read, one for each quarter).

I also gave them an organizer and asked them:

  • to notice the authors whose books they chose to read.
  • to notice the format they like to read (graphic, picture book, novel, audio, etc.)
  • to notice when they got hooked into a series
  • to notice the genres they read
  • to notice who recommended they read a book

Then I will have them completed this sentence: This year as a reader, I am proud of ___.

I will modeled by sharing what I am proud of as a reader:

  • I read 57 books during this school year.
  • I read books by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Floyd Cooper, Jason Reynolds, Neal Schusterman, Pam Munos Ryan, R. J. Palaccio, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Leah Henderson.
  • I tended to read novels and picture books, some in a graphic format and some in verse format.
  • I did not get hooked into any series.
  • I tended to read realistic fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction. But because I like Neal Shusternman and Pam Munos Ryan’s writing style, I will read their fantasy novels.
  • I noticed I get my book ideas from many organizations: Global Read-Aloud, NCTE, VSLA, Book Love Foundation. Also from when an author visits my school and when my friends recommend books.

The last step is to make a plan to read this summer. I have decided to read both for enjoyment and to read to grow professionally this summer. Here’s my plan in a photos:

Happy Summer of Reading!! What’s in your stack?

9 thoughts on “Summer Reading Stacks

  1. Melanie Meehan says:

    I’m still working my way through the final weeks before that stack gets built, but I APPRECIATE yours! And I love getting kids to think about their reading lives. How about their writing lives? Similar questions?


  2. kimhaynesjohnson says:

    What a great way to spur their reading lives along new trails of adventure! I love this post, and I’m so envious of your stack. I’m on a different contract this year and will have only two weeks off – – so I’ll be traveling and maybe there’ll be time for a book or two, but nothing like the delight of a stack to devour and love.


  3. Erika says:

    I always love peeks into your reflective processes. I imagine the students will benefit from your model (especially where your answer is no (I did not get hooked into any series). We share a few texts on our summer TBR lists (looks like you are doing Book Love too!)- I love having all kinds of reading plans for summer and I am going to try to do a little reading notebook work (which I always mean to do and rarely manage). Can’t wait to talk books and more with you soon! T-7 days until I fly.


  4. glenda funk says:

    I love this assignment. Reflection is so important to reading and making a plan for future reading. This year as a reader (since January) I’ve relied heavily on audio books (eye:vision problems); I read a lot of climate literature as part of the Climate Solutions Book Club, but I’ve been reading and buying more picture books because I have a new grandson arriving soon; I also have a Book of the Month membership but am behind on my reading of those, and I read lots of poetry. I’m not a book series fan. Too much time passes between offerings.


  5. Trish says:

    This a wonderful way to structure end-of-year reflection! It gives the students bounded freedom, comforting and inviting. Do you keep a reading journal during the summer? I, too, am reading recreationally and professionally. Rebekah O’Dell is having us read and respond to Little and Gallagher’s latest. I love that idea! Have a wonderful reading summer!


  6. Stacey Shubitz says:

    I have my stack of novels and audiobooks ready. They include:

    Forever by Pete Hamill
    I’ll Just Show Myself Out by Jessi Klein
    Lily’s Promise by Lily Ebert
    Meant to Be by Emily Giffin
    The Latecomer by Jean Haff Korelitz
    The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner
    Trust by Hernan Diaz

    There’s more, but I’ll stop there. (I have high hopes. Now I just need extra hours in the day!)


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