Before that…

NOTE: I have tried this Before That format a few times over the past years as seen HERE.
On this 2nd to last day of the challenge, I thought I’d try it again. Here goes…

I climbed the third staircase to my bedroom, set the alarm for 5:30am and called it a day. As I closed my eyes, I wondered about what I’d write about tomorrow.

Before that, I sipped a glass of Malbac and eat the warm risotto, chicken and green beens for dinner.

Before that, I stirred the boiling water with seasoning and rice, as I read many slices from last week which I had missed.

Before that, I walked the Harris Teeter aisles wondering what to serve for dinner. I added a rotisserie chicken, frozen green beans and a package of risotto whose directions indicated only 20-minutes to prepare, to my recycled bag and headed to the self-checkout aisle.

Before that, I drove to the public library, walked to the HOLD section, grabbed the 12 books already pulled for me, self-scanned them and headed back to my car.

Before that, I sat at the conference table asking “Why did you join? What words describe it? How’s it help you and your students?” as Teacher Research cohort member answers were video-recorded for a district video.

Before that, I led a grade-level English meeting and jotted down the books still needed for her students’ research as I offered to retrieve them from the public library. Quickly, I logged into the public library system and saw that the books I already placed on hold for this teacher on Friday were ready for pick-up.

Before that, I taught my 7th grade Reading class, helping 3 boys rehearse the speech they are writing for their English class and helping 4 others build background knowledge of WWII for their historical fiction book club.

Before that, I introduced my 6th grade Reading class to the concept of social issues in preparation for our Social Issue Book Club Unit by showing them political cartoons related to climate change, homelessness, police brutality, and physical disabilities and then provided them time to read Newsela, to notice more reports on social issues.

Before that, I created the slides to show during Reading 6, found the video of a speech and a picture book to share with Reading 7 and annoyed with myself that I was doing all this at the last minute.

Before that, I viewed the Broadcast News Show produced by Team 3 of my homeroom and sat in awe of their creativity.

Before that, I copied my hyperlink for my Day 29th slice about my breakfast routine, posted it to the TwoWritingTeachers blog, read the 2 slices posted right before me, refreshed and read the slice post right after me and then headed to school.

Before that, I drove to Starbucks, still wondering what I’d write about for my 29th slice.

Before that, I heard my 5:30am alarm beeping, hit snooze and laid in bed thinking, “What should I write about today?”

10 thoughts on “Before that…

  1. Rita K. says:

    This is an awesome format that I’ve never tried (but will). Reading through your slice, I was reminded of many non-stop days just like your day. Days chock full of teaching, meetings, grocery store stops (ugh!), dinner prep, a tad of time to relax and off to bed with thoughts of the next day. Hang in there. You are doing a good job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      As the month is coming to a close, I am so glad we found each other here. Thanks for reading my slices and giving me comments. Your encouraging words mean a lot. I am inspired that, as a retired teacher, you are still writing and interested in learning! I hope you do find and enjoy a Jerry Craft book soon. I hope we can keep in touch here! Have a lovely rest of the 2022 year! I’ll look for you maybe on Tuesdays and definitely next March!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rita K. says:

        Oh, Sally, its been a joy to read your slices. This year, more than any other, I feel like I’ve forged positive relationships with several slicers. You are one of them. I intend to slice on Tuesdays, so hopefully we can keep in touch.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      YOU are the best!!! You are my biggest fan and win my prize for commenting the most – 24 times!!
      I hope you and Barb can make it over the river to the park down the street from my house on Friday. Marilyn Miner is going to come. I know she’d love to see you. One more slice tomorrow and then it’s a wrap!!! We got this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the purposeful comments. It keeps me going!!


  2. MegMcCormick says:

    As you know, I absolutely adored this format and had to try it myself! I really loved the lens into your last 24 hours and was comforted by the mention of your breakfast routine slice from yesterday. You do so much for others and this slice highlights it all! Thank you for inspiring so much of my writing this challenge with your incredible mentor texts!


  3. amyjuengst says:

    I absolutely love this format and appreciate you sharing it with us. I am so impressed by how much you accomplished since your previous slice. I have to be honest, reading through your school commitments followed by your after work to-dos exhausts me. We teachers go non-stop day after day after day. Spring break can’t get here fast enough.


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