Breakfast Routine

“What can I get you?” the barista in her black attire covered by a green apron asked.
“Grande hot chocolate, no whip and a turkey bacon egg white sandwich” was my winter reply.
“Grande black iced tea, no sweetener and a turkey bacon egg white sandwich” my summertime reply
and I handed the barista my keepcup to save $.10 and shared that I’m Sally. Then I stood to the side and waited for my name to be called. This was my pre-pandemic routine.

During the pandemic, I taught myself how to brew a pitcher of black iced tea and started buying and slicing lemon wedges to add. At home, I stuck to cereal and fruit with my cafinated morning beverage. I sat at my dining room table and then, once done, placed the dishes in the kitchen sink and took the stairs to my 2nd floor bedroom-turned-classroom to teach online.

Today, I drove to the Starbucks closest to my home. I took a seat and noticed only one other customer sitting across the room reading his newspaper and sipping a tall coffee. I pulled out my phone and pressed the app and ordered my winter choice. Despite being 3-days away from April, it is 29 degrees outside. Burrr! My phone thanked me and said my order would be ready in 7 minutes.

Then I opened my laptop, logged into my blog and asked myself, “What should I wrote about?” As I listened to the instrumental music playing softly in the background, I noticed 2 baristas, sporting their green aprons, moving smoothly from machine to machine to fill the mobile orders. No one seems to stand at the counter by the register anymore. Maybe I’ll write about my breakfast routine, I thought….

What’s your breakfast routine?

9 thoughts on “Breakfast Routine

  1. margaretsmn says:

    What a good idea! My morning routine is pretty much the same year round, coffee, walk, smoothie. I’m glad you are able to sit inside the Starbucks now. So many things we took for granted are now luxurious.


  2. Erika says:

    I am in awe that your Starbucks is open early enough that you can sit down inside before going to school. Seems like they have different hours here (or I go in to work too early). I love reading of your slight tweaks. Breakfast routines help the day start “right”!


  3. franmcveigh says:

    Great slice. My coffee routine is easy to define. Breakfast not so much. A lot of variety. Returning to some routines has been comforting and YET blazing new paths has also been FUN!


  4. MegMcCormick says:

    I love how you structured your slice by breakfast timelines and then took us back to your pre-pandemic winter order for today. Very crafty! My breakfast routine is multiple cups of La Colombe via french press.


  5. Fran McCrackin says:

    The pleasure of easing back into your coffee shop routine is shown (not old) here, with all the details- your special cup, the green aprons, your seasonal orders… glad you can get back to enjoying it.


  6. Colleen says:

    I could visualize each moment of this.. I felt line I was right there with you. My morning always starts with coffee, the rest is flexible. Creak and fruit loom large for me too. It’s funny how the pandemic has made us all so home centered. I enjoyed having breakfast with you


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