Yesterday I hung up the drawings my 7th graders made by following the step-by-step directions author Jerry Craft provided in his book, Mama’s Boyz. Then I took a photo, uploaded it to twitter with a mesage.

An hour later, I noticed a reply.

I’m still figuring our my relationship with Social Media. Some days I vow to just stop connecting to all of it. Instead, spend that screen-consumed time taking a walk outside. I did stopped using facebook. I haven’t taken time to figured out tik-tok. I use Instagram only to view my daughters’ photos and never post anything there myself. But I do post to twitter. Why? It’s a place where I find great teaching tips and learn about authors’ new books. And today, it allowed me to connect my students with an author in just one hour. Not ready to give up using twitter.

9 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. franmcveigh says:

    There is so much good on Twitter. Using TweetDeck and deleting the Home column makes it so deliciously personal. Then you only have to deal with friends/colleagues who sometimes go off the rails!


  2. irishdaybreak says:

    Just started with Twitter. Not really using it yet, but curious. You are such an engaging reading teacher. I am sure the interview will be rewarding for both you and the author. Thanks for sharing your students’ work.


  3. Book Dragon says:

    I LOVE Twitter for connecting with authors, illustrators, and expanding my PLN.
    Your students must have been thrilled to see a response from Jerry.
    Who are your top three accounts to follow on Twitter?


  4. Beth Sanderson says:

    When authors respond to my students tweets it is like magic. I love the many connections in this post — you will introduce Jerry Craft, your students responded to Jerry Craft and the universe brought Jerry Craft to your classroom in the form of a Tweet!


  5. Fran McCrackin says:

    You can tell Jerry Craft was so tickled by your tweet, and what you did with your students! That’s going to make your interview so fun and friendly. Social media at its best- connecting people and information. I guess we just have to use it wisely, like you do here.

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