Musical Chairs…7th graders?!

“What’s that noise?” J blurted out.

Just moments ago, I could have heard a pin drop. Finally, all my squirrelly 7th graders had settled into a comfortable chair and had logged into Lexia (the program our district is paying lots of money to use and I’m to assign for a certain number of minutes a class period). Then suddenly, a loud rumbling sound began from above.

“The math class must be moving around their desks again. Maybe they are getting ready to play Musical Chairs,” I jokingly commented.

“I used to love playing Musical Chairs,” T blurted.

“Me, too.” J added. “Can our movement break be Musical Chairs today?”

“Sure,” I stated with a bit of surprise in my voice. “But now let’s get back to Lexia. The timer shows 24 minutes to go. Get back into the Reading Lexia Zone.”

Fast forward 30 minutes. A new rumble sounded within our classroom from rearranging some desks to be off to the side. My seven students all helped to position six chairs facing outward in a circle. I opened Spotified on my computer and picked a song. Ed Sheeran began singing “Beautiful People” and seven beautiful seventh graders began to walk in a circle around a group of chairs. A great ending to my noisy class period.

12 thoughts on “Musical Chairs…7th graders?!

  1. Beth Sanderson says:

    I smiled through this whole post. I can see ou and your group playing musical chairs…I wish I could play too. We need to add more play to the day for students and adults alike. Thanks for the happy story this morning!

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  2. mbnorrbom says:

    This takes me back! I wonder how many childhood memories were brought to the surface in your classroom today. There’s always room for some whimsy and you always find ways to incorporate it!

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  3. irishdaybreak says:

    This brought back a lot of happy memories. We played musical chairs for special occasions. My students loved it too. And unfortunately we were on the second floor…..Love that you did that and wrote about it

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  4. mschiubookawrites says:

    Love how you ended with musical chairs. A reminder that we must infuse joy to must-dos. I usually play “squoosh ball” with my middle schoolers after they read/write/do Lexia, but I will offer musical chairs as an option next week.


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