2022 OLW

It’s my 8th year to choose a One Little Word (OLW).
2015 – Responsiveness
2016 – Transparency
2017 – Routine
2018 – Active
2019 – Confident
2020 – Here / Hear
2021 – Structure
2022 – Healthy

Looking back, the word structure served me well during 2021. While dealing with living in a Covid world, I used the structure of this writing community to keep me grounded. I was able to write every day in March plus 21 times more. I also was able to write with two friends regularly using the structure of Google Meets. I was able to read and then structure my thinking into a notebook page. Asking first, What structure should I use? allowed me to organize my thinking better on the page. I was able to use my favorite online structure, Padlet, to organize my school life, my cooking life, and even a virtual summer book club. I also used structure to name my walking routine which kept me sane during the pandemic. My walking structure included various hikes through my neighborhood with a podcast flowing through my iPhone earbuds and many stops to photograph the colors of the season. As I reflect, saying structure as a mantra all year long did provided me with the needed order during a very uncertain year.

Looking ahead, the word healthy has found me. It is my wish to be healthy in many ways. I want to continue to move my body to stay physically healthy and in good shape. I want to continue to cook to provide nutritious, healthy meals. I want to continue to walk and read and write, three tonics that keep me mentally healthy. I want to start to garden, a way to create blooms as a healthy stimulation. I want to organize all my finances as a healthy way to prosper and flourish.

Happy 2022.
HEALTHY is my OLW. What’s your’s?

8 thoughts on “2022 OLW

  1. margaretsmn says:

    As I am in my 60th year, health is more and more important to me. I am pretty good about walking and eating well, but still little illnesses seem to find me. Nothing major but I am annoyed by them. I wish you a good health path for 2022.


  2. MegMcCormick says:

    I love all of the creative ways you utilized structure last year! So fun to think about and a cool teaching idea too. I don’t have my OLW yet but your post gave me some food for thought! Here is to a healthy year ahead!


  3. Rita K. says:

    Wow! I loved that you listed all your great OLW’s over the last eight years and enjoyed the way you delineated how last year’s word played out in your life. Healthy sounds like a good choice and I love your plans to stay healthy. My OLW is BELIEVE. Maybe I’ll post about it next week. Happy New Year!


  4. Ms Victor Reads says:

    Sounds like you have already given a lot of thought to your OLW. As always, it will be interesting to see your reflections along the way. I am thinking mental health will pay a key role as we continue down this covid path.


  5. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski says:

    I love your word Sally! Such an important word- now more than ever. Health is everything! Here’s to a healthy year!


  6. onathought says:

    Healthy is such a great word – can connect to so much. Thanks for sharing this – so much thought into your OLW. I am having a hard time choosing one. Last year my word was “me.” and I think I might repeat that. LOL


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