Colors of Fall!

The warmth of fleece wraps my arms as fingers dig into the pockets of my winter coat. The sun is beginning to peek above the horizon, painting the sky in pinks and light blue. I adjust my earpods and press play so the On Being podcast begins. And for the next hour, I walk. Today, I pause many times to really see the colors of the season. Red. Orange. Yellow. Brown. Less green. No more pink blooms. It will be months before they reappeat. Today I walk and enjoy the colors of Fall, 2021.

6 thoughts on “Colors of Fall!

  1. kimjohnson66 says:

    The vibrant colors this season are simply stunning, and the feeling of that fleece as warmth when you walk just adds to the sensory delight! There is nothing like a cool fall walk with a blend warmth! Yes, it’s so fleeting – we must enjoy it while we can!


  2. Fran McCrackin says:

    Beautiful photos, I love how your point of view zooms in close and out far. Come to thing of it, your writing does too, with fingers curled in pockets and looking at the sky, and even the huge scope of listening to the podcast from far away with many others.


  3. Rita K. says:

    Fall is my favorite season and like you, I’ve been walking and occasionally pausing to snap a photo of nature at its best. These pictures are exquisite. The colors and various subjects make for a beautiful collage. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Stacey Shubitz says:

    I took a four-mile walk yesterday and contemplated stopping to photograph the trees because they were so gorgeous. One street was LINED with red trees and shrubs that sparkled like rubies. No wonder autumn is my favorite season.
    Thanks for sharing your walk and the collage of photographs with us. Makes me want to get back out there this afternoon.


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