A Yellow Morning

I awoke early on a day I could have slept in. As I walked to the bathroom, the floor was bright despite the predawn hour. I looked out through the window and saw the full moon shining. A pale yellow. I’ll call it cream.

After brushing my teeth and dressing, I poured myself a glass of ice tea and added two lemon slices. I sat and enjoyed sipping my tea as I read the news headlines. This yellow in my drink matches its name. Lemon.

Then, I grabbed my earbuds and iPhone, picked a podcast and headed out for an early morning walk to include a stop at the neighborhood bakery. I found myself continuing to play “I Spy” focusing only on the category of yellow. With my phone camera, I snapped these photos to show many more shades of yellow:

Can you “spy” these colors in the slideshow?
lemonade, honey, blonde, egg shell, parmesan, butter,
shortbread, daffodil, canary, pineapple, marigold, peach

What’s your favorite shade of yellow?

NOTE: I referred to THIS blog post to pick the right color words for my slice.

16 thoughts on “A Yellow Morning

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I love your yellow I Spy! I miss daffodils- to me they are the epitome of spring, so optimistic! When I went to the bathroom last night I saw the brightness of the moon reflecting and knew it must have been full or nearly so.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Thanks for sharing my slice felt like a metaphor for a positive mindset. Springtime naturally lifts my spirits and keeps me optimistic! Not sure I realized this was coming through as sliced today! Love getting comments for this reason!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. franmcveigh says:

    I have been waiting five days for the daffodils to bravely open. They have resisted. TOO darned cold!

    Love your focus on yellow. It’s been so long, I can’t remember the color of the sun!


  3. Erica J says:

    I love this idea of going out in the world and focusing on a particular color. I also love that you tried to specify different shades of yellow and this post is warmer for it! I’ll have to save this idea for the future I think, I really enjoyed what you did here.


  4. LindaG. says:

    Who knew there were that many shades of yellow? I love the purple and yellow flowers. So vibrant, so SPRING. Our flowers here haven’t opened yet, but they are growing.
    Spring is coming here, soon. I hope. Thanks for sharing the pictures – I needed to see them today!


  5. Orval Jewett says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Slice! When I take my walk this afternoon, I will also looking for that particular color that “pops” my attention. Thanks so much for giving me a focal point for my own zen, my own release. I wish you a great day!


  6. Fran McCrackin says:

    I love color but have never considered spending a day or part of a day, noticing one color. Except it’s not one color at all, as you show us- one color is many. I love the names for your yellows throughout and at the end, and thanks for leading us to the blog post that provided some of your color words. I was envious I hadn’t done that! BTW, do you know the picture book “The Colors of Us”?


  7. mgminer says:

    Yellow is a powerful color. I remember learning that yellow captures our attention more than other colors. I also learned that the deer didn’t eat my daffodils because they don’t like yellow. Unfortunately, they ate all the green parts of my tulips.


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