Spirit Wear Fridays

Teaching in-person has me spending more time now deciding what to wear. But not on Fridays.
Fridays I slip into my jeans, choose between my red or black spirit shirt and grab my tennis shoes.
Fridays almost feels as comfortable as my Covid-stay-at-home attire.

What’s your Friday attire?

*** I know this is short but I’m also quite tired by Friday. Just happy that I wrote something today!!

9 thoughts on “Spirit Wear Fridays

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    Our school dress code says no jeans- we are trying to get several aspects of it changed (including no sport shoes). I actually would be okay with a uniform (for me, not the kids)- I hate picking clothes every day. Today I taught from home so could wear shorts…


  2. Ms Victor Reads says:

    PS I am so in awe that you slice before school. I exercise for 30 minutes and there is no way I am getting up early enough to write too, so I always end up writing just before or just after dinner.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      I find myself starting to awake in the morning and as I lie there, I think about what I can write about. Those early morning thoughts somehow act as an oral rehearsal and the writing flows once at the keyboard. By evening, I am exhausted. I also have found I’m not able to comment as much as I have in past years. I used to comment after dinnertime. Now I’m tired of screens and can’t bring myself to spend as much time on a screen commenting. We do what works for us. I’m impressed you exercise for 30 minutes. I need to add that habit to my life.


  3. franmcveigh says:

    No apology needed for a short post. I have three started and also chose the shortest one for today. LONNNNGGGGG week. Maybe the endless hours of rain with no sun. Maybe screen fatigue. Maybe just tired!

    I was in favor of a uniform for work to reduce the stress of planning and make it predictable!


  4. dianeandlynne says:

    I used to have a menu of outfits for days of the week. Like Fran’s “uniform” it made decisions about what to wear easier. Otherwise, I’d stand at the closet and hope what I picked out for the day actually fit me.


  5. MJ Strong says:

    Fridays are the best! It’s a little rejuvenating just putting on jeans and sneakers in the morning, not having to worry about ironing or accessories. Freedom and rest are coming! (Or chores and shopping)


  6. Fran McCrackin says:

    Short and to the point! I’m dying to hear more about this new time of teaching 2 ways. I will be in person 4th quarter, afternoons and outside only. I’m already wondering what I will wear! (And how to deal with the added pounds…)


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