The Show Must Go On…Online!

Another day of concurrent teaching was over. The two after-school virtual teacher meetings had ended. I took a long walk through my neighborhood and nearby park, feeling the warm breeze and noticing the many buds starting to open. Once back at my house, I stayed outside and sat in my new adirondack chair to listen to the end of a podcast. Then I heard it. The alarm on my phone go off.

Earlier during homeroom, J recalled that something was happening tonight. He dutifully had jotted it on his online calendar on his ipad the week before and mentioned it. One of our homeroom students was in the school’s theater club and their performance was tonght at 7pm. At J’s prompting, I reminded all to set their timers for 6:50pm and watch the free online show to support K. “Break a leg, K” I added!

Thankful for J’s reminder in homeroom and for my alarm, I rose from my chair and headed to my computer. I found the link to the zoom meeting and for the next 45 minutes, I enjoyed a theater production. Singing, acting, drama, laughs, and even some choregraphed dancing. All prerecorded by the actors and then edited together for an online show. Fittingly, the plot was about a school play that was canceled and then turned into an online play.

I miss live theater. But this was the next best thing. At the end, I sent the actors I teach this email:

I’m giving you a STANDING OVATION!!!
Such a fun show and your part was AWESOME!!!!!
I so miss live theater but this was the next best thing!
Thanks for sharing your acting talent.
Mrs. Donnelly

4 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On…Online!

  1. Tim Gels says:

    While I’m definitely looking forward to live events again, I’m regularly impressed by the creativity and ingenuity that goes into putting together workarounds. Thanks for sharing this one!

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  2. mschiubookawrites says:

    I love how you set an alarm and encouraged the class to do the same. This modeling extends past the classroom, and that is why you are such a special teacher. Bravo! I also liked how you set the scene in your first paragraph through showing (not telling) and with lots of restraint so that the reader could experience the jolt of the alarm and realization of why you set the alarm.


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