Word Wall Needed

Last Spring I took a graduate course to learn The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). It is a specific protocol designed to support English Learners in the classroom. One part of the protocol is to explicitly teach content vocabulary.

As I spent last week in a variety of county PD to help prepare for the upcoming school year, I felt like an EL student at times. Maybe I need a word wall. Something like this:

Remote Teaching Word Wall
activate participants….asyncronous…breakout room…Canvas….channels….

internet outage….live steam….lobby…..log on…..meeting link…..password….


Exactly a year ago, I was stapling bright yellow material to the bulletin board in Room 129. I used magnets to hold the A Day and B Day schedule to the white board. I shelved the fantacy books to one bookshelf and the realistic fiction to another. I stacked the composition notebooks on a table to distribute to anyone who forgot to bring one. Next to the stack, I placed post-it notes and flair markers and a big bin of pencils. My classroom awaited my 6th grade readers.

Now I sit in a bedroom in my house. I placed the old dining room table in one corner and a bookcase opposite it. Now, as I participate in TEAM meetings, my backdrop is what I love. Books! My table holds my laptop and my iPad and my iPhone. These three devises will help me connect. On the table is also a basket holding post-it notes, another holding flair markers, the tape dispenser, a box of crayons and a basket of index cards. On the wall is a calendar and a clock. My remote classroom is ready.

As I compare last year to this year, some vocaularty is the same. Lots is different. I do hope by September 8th, I comprehend enough to allow me to teach well.

7 thoughts on “Word Wall Needed

  1. franmcveigh says:

    Yes, new vocabulary has surged ahead with some different priorities. I have learned that my own anxiety increases in all day sessions. Not exactly FOMO but FOM critical information or only hearing part and therefore garbling it.


  2. Denise Krebs says:

    Lots of vocabulary to learn, Sally. I love this post, with the reflection and comparison of this new school year to last year. What a difference. It would be a good activity to reflect on both years. For me, the two years are as different as any two years in my career.

    I love your beautiful work space! I’m glad you added the pictures. All the best this year as you use and master the new vocabulary.


  3. Fran McCrackin says:

    Yes, you have tapped into something very true- we are all learning lots of new vocabulary, a new language. And as I navigate my own steep learning curve I am trying to learn from my struggles and apply that to empathy and more effective teaching.
    Your piece also reminds me to reflect on superficial and deep vocabulary competence. I am still superficial in my understanding of many of our new terms. I may know what a channel is, but what can it do?!


  4. MegMcCormick says:

    I appreciated your SIOP reference and your alphabetized word wall and loved your use of bolded vocabulary throughout your writing- a subtle and smart craft move. Thank you for sharing your workspace and providing some inspiration!


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